Posted: January 25th, 2023

Biology writing homework


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Biology writing homework
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The field of Microbiology includes the study of many diverse organisms including: bacteria, algae, yeasts, molds, protozoa, and viruses. We will be studying each of these organisms as we proceed through the course. For this Discussion Board: 1) Please watch the following video entitled ‘The Microbial Universe’; 2) Read the article on sar-11 which is a topic discussed in this video; 3) Post your response to the following prompts in the Discussion Board. You must include at least 2 scientific references in proper APA format.

Here are the specific directions for the Module this week:

1). Access the web site for the video.

2). Scroll down to ‘Individual Program Descriptions’.

3). Locate the correct video for the week.

    Module                     Video                          Video #

    Module 1         The Microbial Universe                1
4). Click on the  ‘VoD’ button to begin watching the video.

5). In addition to viewing the video, please read the following article on the sar-11 organism discussed in this video.

 (Links to an external site.)

Links to an external site.


6). In the course site, under the ‘Discussion Board’ tab for this Module, please respond.

– Discuss the background and role of the sar-11 organism.

– In addition, choose the type of microorganism you found most interesting in the video presentation.  Research this type of microorganism and discuss at least 3 specific points you find most interesting about this type of microbe. You must use at least 2 scientific references. Do not just list topics or facts here, but discuss specific points in detail so that your peers can respond to your post and add more discussion.

7). Please respond to at least 2 of your peers’ posts. Please do not just agree or disagree with their response, but add some content/detail to what is being discussed.


 I will send you the 2 peers’ posts 


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