Posted: January 25th, 2023

Board 4

Please post, on the discussion board, your results from the Discover More: Using Expanded Academic ASAP worksheet that you completed in Lesson 2.

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Board 4
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Your Task: Practice using the Expanded Academic ASAP database. Conduct a search on a topic of your choice, and practice sorting and narrowing your search using the various database features.

Please refer to the lesson for the best way to access Expanded Academic ASAP  and for your answers.

  1. What method (e.g., searching via keyword, subject or publication) worked best for you while trying your search in Expanded Academic ASAP?
  2. How did the search results compare to a traditional search engine search? Were they more specific? Less specific?
  3. In your future studies at Penn Foster, how might you be able to Expanded Academic ASAP to assist you with your course work?

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