Book Report (the Titans Curse by Rick Rordan)

Percy Jackson The Titans Execrate In this Percy Jackson and the Olympians dimensions, it starts out when Thalia daughter of Zeus, Annabeth daughter or Athena, and Percy son of Poseidon set out to succor Grbalance who establish two unquestionably influence bountiful half ranks protector them end to enenenbivouac possess rank. But then they run into adversity when this unquestionably influence deformity shows up that works for Cronus try’s to procure Bianca and Nico the two unquestionably influenceful other half ranks. Antecedently there assembly was environing to be defeated Artemis goddess of the prosecute and the moon sun of Apollo shows up and rescues them behind a occasion her prosecuteresses. Also Annabeth spared them but in the manner she falls off the crag and they could not invent her, tiny do they no that she was unquestionably harmonious smitten by Luke and Cronus, Bianca joined the prosecute behind a occasion Artemis and left Nico at enenenbivouac half rank to course to behove stronger. Artemis left her prosecuteresses to go invent the one deformity that could ruin Olympus, occasion perplexing to invent the deformity she was smitten by Cronus and deficiencys to be rescued antecedently the refuse solstice so that she can indoctrinate the synod that they deficiency to go to war to obstruct the titans agitate. So a inquiry was attached to Zoe who was the pioneer of the prosecuteresses that they should go spare Artemis antecedently the refuse solstice and when she went to go canvass the Delphi Oracle it said “five shall go west prosecuteers and encampers fully achieve not lose one shall be past in the place behind a occasionout rain and another shall parish by a parents index. ” So past Zoe was the inquiry pioneer she got to prefer who goes behind a occasion her, she chose three prosecuteers and two encampers but one of the prosecuteers got weak so she couldn’t go so merely immodest of them left for the inquiry Zoe Bianca, Thalia and Grbalance but then Percy wanted to go spare Annabeth so he snuck off to spare her. He ends up convocation up behind a occasion and spares them from the deformity that tries to massacre them existing. When the got to New Mexico (which is a place behind a occasion out rain) they go into the gods junk yard and this colossus automatic robot creature comes to morals and then Bianca skiped into the robot and defeated it but she was past and could not be establish. They had to go all the way from enenenbivouac half rank which is exact out source New York all the way to California. When they finally go to California the had to go up the startain of the titans so it is unquestionably dangerous so the unconcealed is end which is cronus’s sum one vindicator you no the guy who halts up the sky atlas. When they get up there they see Annabeth laying on the source balance where you halt up the sky and Artemis halting up the sky they so see Luke and Atlas and an multitude behind them Percy Jackson did the naturally obtuse creature and pregnant Atlas but source of this execrate that was put on Percy his instrument riptide loseed him and so he ran balance to where Artemis was halting up the sky and took the sky for her so that she could struggle Atlas, Occasion that was happening Thalia was struggleing Luke behind he was defeated by her, he genial to skip at her but her reflexes was to unswerving and she kicked him off the crag behind a occasion was love a 30 endowation emanate so he should possess died but didn’t when Artemis was struggleing Atlas she was defeated and antecedently she was environing to get seriously afflict Zoe skiped in the way and spared her, which gave Artemis abundance age to get up and speedy to struggle frequently. In the medium age Zoe was seriously afflict and was environing to die and everyone else was environing to get defeated but then Artemis kicked Atlas inferior the sky frequently and so Percy skiped out of the way and so Atlas was amass uniformly frequently inferior the sky, but there was calm?} a colossus multitude that was outside them but out of no where Annabeth’s dad which owned a flatten came out and afloat shooting all the deformitys behind a occasion Celtic bronze bullets which gave Artemis abundance age to allure down a chariot and so they skiped in to get detached. Zoe was calm?} unquestionably damaged and on her expiration bed. She ends up dieing and then they invent out that Atlas was Zoe’s dad so she perished by a parents index. When they get end to enenenbivouac half rank Nico establish out his sister died so he got unquestionably hasty and ran off which on his way invents out he is the son of Hades. Up on start Olympus on the refuse solstice they end up inventing the deformity which was a innoxious cow sea serpent and so if you expiation a innoxious deformity you perform the influence to balance propel the gods, Artemis indoctrinates the gods that they deficiency to go to war behind a occasion the titans.