A New Brand Name In Events Management

1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.1 Order & Industry Greek Live  Concord Order allure be looking to tap the growing regalement toil in Greece and resisting the globe by  promoting eminent nature speeds concord exhibitions.Located in Athens, Greece, the aim allure be to befit  lucrative by promoting speed concord exhibitions and sale of  pre-recorded voicelessness.The copyexact and indulge of the exhibitions and the pre-recorded voicelessness allure be delay Greek Live  Concord Company.  Greek Speed  Concert Order allure be promoting  Internet voicelessness and speed concord .  Greek Live  Concord Company  considers the aloft said two acts are close to alight , and it allure be the best object to happen in voicelessness toil  following album sales. 1.2 Products & Services Greek Live  Concord Order allure be insertion consideration of difference of voicelessness genres love pop, choice  hurl voicelessness, jazz voicelessness, gospel voicelessness, sophisticated voicelessness and the order has ruled to choose  a difference of  habitue and debuting workman to exhibitioncase their deal-outs in speed concord exhibitions. Greek Live  Concord Order allure be expanding their mark incongruous from  other companies using an unspiritless dispenseing and aggressional artfulness.The concord aggression allure be produced using television, stereotype onsuccession and other modes of medium. Greek Live  Concord Order allure be oceantaining  impetuous affiliations in the voicelessness toil.The order artfulness to constitute  an interdiplomatic voicelessness speeds concord arrangement delay any ocean mark in UK or USA.This allure be allowing the order to tap the UK and US dispenses.The order so artfulnesss to tap the Asian dispenses love China, Japan, India and allure be so targeting European dispenses love Spain, Germany. The order allure be tapping the Latin American dispenses. 1.3 Management The order allure be managed by functionals who has the recognition of  voicelessness toil.The superintendence team allure be having the  test of managing a  team and speed fact interdiplomaticly.Tclose would be dispenseing functionals well-behaved-behaved clever in  life title dispenseing. The order allure be recruiting deal-outs that has  the foregoing test  in speed concords and Internet voicelessness. 2.0 COMPANY SUMMARY 2.1 Order & Industry Greek Live  Concord Order is a multiinstrument regalement order delay  extraordinaryization in Internet voicelessness and speed concord. The confidence allure  be to stipulate interdiplomatic consumers a express audio and visual regalement using speed concord.The confidence so embody that  nature regalement allure be abandoned to the consumers delayout compromising on dispenseable urge.The sidearm proaspect is that  dreams of voicelessness consumers allure be fulfilled by  The Greek Live  Concord Company.The infer for this sidearm proaspect is that the order artfulnesss to hold a extended aspect in peoples speeds and be auspicious in the dispense locate. The order allure be disconnected into three promotive resistances ;  speed concord voicelessness resistance, speed concord  voicelessness video diconfidence and speed concord voicelessness Internet resistance.The order allure be acquireing subjoined pay through  arrangement and video merchandising of speed concord exhibitions.Tclose allure be so exhibitioning of speed concord exhibitions through Internet and that allure be generating subjoined pay. 2.2 Legal Entity and Ownership The order allure be Incorporated in Athens and allure be having  8,00,000 distributes of accumulation.The table of straightforwardors allure be signed to result 4,00,000 spiritless distributes.Tclose allure be debentures for original and remedy distribute donations.The order allure be having solely one cunningter and  the indicate is Jake Richard.Jake Richard allure be having 4,00,000 of spiritless distributes. Jake Richard  allure stipulate the confidence of advenient.He allure be legal for workman crop, workman profit and rate origination.He has big test in regalement toil and finance and banking areas.He has a quality for edifice express similarity delay workmans.He has got a cheerful notorious similarity delay concord straightforwardors. 2.3 Facilities & Location Most of speed concord exhibitions in the primal years allure be centered in Greece.Tclose allure be two eminently technical studios The speed voicelessnessal concord allure be having elegant voicelessnessal concord and ballad voicelessnessal concord that allure be befriended by two technical studios.The two technical studios allure be donation the workmans the unmeasured adroitness needed for  construct up and other arrangements. 3.0 Products And Services 3.1 Work Description The pristine dress of the order allure be speed voicelessnessal concord.The order allure be belowinsertion speed elegant voicelessnessal concord and interdiplomatic ballads  speed concord.Tclose allure be resistances  in the order naturalized on the genre of voicelessness .Tclose allure be a diconfidence denominated  still below the speed concord voicelessness resistance.The still diconfidence allure wield  mainstream pop speed voicelessnessal concord .Tclose allure be another diconfidence denominated  trendy .This diconfidence allure be  handling choice hurl, jazz  in speed voicelessnessal concord exhibition.Tclose allure be another diconfidence denominated holy voicelessnessal concord exhibition.This diconfidence allure be promoting inspirational holy songs. 3.2 Competition The   Greek Live  Concord Order allure be confrontment two-of-a-trade from  speed fact superintendence companies.The order allure be promoting  speed voicelessnessal concords of  interdiplomaticly reputably workmans love Madonna and allure be so promoting new debut who has irregular voicelessness deal-outs.Tclose allure be rigorous dispenseing programs and campaigns to prefer the mark in speed voicelessnessal concord exhibitions.The aim allure be to compose a alluring dispenseing programs and allure be used to  dispense the mark interdiplomaticly. 3.3 Competitive Edge To The Company The   Greek Live  Concord Order allure be  creating a tie up delay functional voicelessnessians for speed voicelessnessal exhibition.  The   Greek Live  Concord Order allure be entering  tie up delay voicelessness arrangement companies to prefer the mark and workmans.Tclose allure acquit of at lowest six  speed voicelessnessal concord in a year and the speed voicelessnessal concord allure be crust different genres. The  Greek Live  Concord Order allure be creating a separation to competitors by making plod to belowtake  a extraordinary diconfidence that allure be assessing the new deal-outs. 4.0 Dispense Analysis Summary 4.1 Dispense Size The dispense allure be growing gift to the Internet act.Tclose has been digital network that has been loving to the  downloading of speed voicelessnessal concord exhibitions.The bud of Internet TV  has helped the bud of speed voicelessnessal concord exhibitions  as these exhibitions has befit further barefaced through TV.Tclose has been bud in movable technology and that allure be boosting the speed exhibition of concord voicelessnessal exhibitions.All these acts has meant that speed voicelessnessal exhibitions exhibitionn in Athens can be watched from any deal-out globally at the selfselfsame duration.This allure be ensuring further enrichment to the order in constitute of sponsorship enrichment. The call-for for speed concord exhibitions has been increasing due to the extensiond exotericity of  workmans.The workman has been  in limelight to different voicelessness muniments love MTV and V muniment that has been exhibitionn globally. Tclose has been  a distant stretch exotericity of  workman in Internet due to video sharing in You Tube and other constitutes.The speed voicelessnessal concord  can be sold uniformly frequently in a reformatted form of album sales.Tclose has been digital arrangement which has helped to extension the exotericity  new workman which allure be exploited by The Greek Live  Concord Company. 5.0 Policy & Implementation 5.1 Work Development The basic mind of any  calling allure be to compose new customers and restrain the strong customers.This allure be produced by The  Greek Live  Concord Order by monitoring the changes that are happening at the dispense locate.Promotional apparition allure be established best when it connects delay virtual customers.  Greek Live  Concord Order has belowstood the esteem of technological act deal-outicularly despatch act.Tclose allure be aggression  using onsuccession technological aggression loves  blog and buzz dispenseing. Consumers perception and preferences allure be changing very constant in this global globe.The consumer allure be bombarded delay aggression of speed concord voicelessnessal exhibitions and it allure be suited through  different  information muniments. 5.2 Internet Strategy Greek Live  Concord Order has belowstood the esteem of technological act deal-outicularly despatch act.Tclose allure be aggression  using onsuccession technological aggression loves  blog and buzz dispenseing  (Kelly 2007).Tclose allure be habit of web advertising that allure be aiding the straightforward interaction delay the client (Janoschka 2004).The aim of the web advertising allure be to bind the customer.Tclose allure be habit of tracking mode to belowstand the preferences of consumers who are spirited in voicelessness speed exhibitions.The onsuccession advertising allure be delivered at any duration of the day and tclose allure be further habit of English in the ad.Tclose allure be pop up ad and sponsorship ads that allure be used by the order to prefer the work. The most spiritless Web 2.0 utensil is blog (Solomon &Schrum  2007) and tclose allure be a forum that allure be calling the views of the consumers.Tclose allure be editorial engagement in expressing opinions in the forums  and any racial comments and underbred comments allure be straightway deleted .The blog allure be twain inside and outer in the order Website. Internet allure be used for buzz dispenseing the order programs.The order sidearm and confidence allure be suited in the exoteric collective networks succession Twitter and Facebook.The Website of the order allure be donation the e-mail utility, peculiar Website utility and  confabulation orders.Tclose is another concept loves movable advertising.The sms allure be used bigly to prefer the mark and order programs. 5.3 Marketing Strategy The ocean aim of the dispenseing policy allure be to get the exact intimation resisting to the exact target order.The dispense segmentation of the speed voicelessnessal concord exhibition allure be produced original.Tclose allure be peculiar demographic examine of the consumer.The target order allure be met delay conducive dispenseing despatch policy and tclose allure be a province for that mind. Tclose allure be fame advertising as  a ‘ fame speed voicelessnessal concord exhibition’.A  fame is a individual who is having eminent credentials and would be arrogant a eminent grade of consideration from the notorious.The aim for this is that fame allure be having a eminent consideration grabbing ability.The fame allure be considered as the spoke individual of the order.Celebrity should be having the ocean  4Ps love the emotion for voicelessness, consummation in exhibition and voicelessness, pragmatism and overall ability of lad (Walker 2003).Moreover the fame should be iconic, title aware and disappointing resisting sexes.Celebrities allure be considered as mark edifice utensils  and tclose allure be dispenseing policy delay new voicelessness players so. 5.4 Sales Strategy The dispenseing and aggression budget allure be because  the timing of speed voicelessnessal concord exhibition.For stance if a fame ‘speed voicelessnessal concord exhibition’  has to transfer locate in six  months, the dispenseing and aggression allure be evenly nice throughout the six  months and the conclusive one month tclose allure be further  advertising.The  speed voicelessnessal exhibition allure be so introducing new succeedrs and tclose allure be further big campaigns exhibitioncasing their deal-outs.Tclose allure be instrument exposure  through stereotype, radio, teleconfidence and onsuccession Internet. 5.5 Tactical Alliances Tclose allure be cooperation delay  ocean voicelessnessal companies to prefer the speed voicelessnessal exhibitions.Tclose allure be talks delay crowded annals labels stretch in Greece and other European  annals labels. 5.6 Operations of the order Tclose allure be fault presidents for each resistances and they allure be legal for that resistance.Tclose allure be disunited dispenseing/sales resistance, workman crop, Workman proportion diconfidence for the order.Tclose allure be a imaginary utility diconfidence for the order. 6.0 Financial Plan 6.1 Pay Proaspect Projections Most of the pay is expected to succeed from speed concord exhibition ticket sales  and sponsorship.Tclose allure be subjoined  enrichment using Internet streaming and  sales of  cds of speed voicelessnessal concord exhibitions.Sale of speed voicelessnessal concord exhibition  through i tunes and other retailers, commodities enrichment. The order allure be having a specie weigh for nine months to unite any contingent contingencies.The order artfulness to acquire $20 favorite in specie and other proceeds. 6.2 Goals of the order The aim of the order allure be to establish a lucrative ,creditable regalement order that allure be solid through the years.The aim allure be to own monthly express specie progress delayin six months .The order allure be starting from end of June 2010. List Of References Kelly,Lois .(2007).Beyond buzz: the contiguous origination of word-of-mouth dispenseing.New York:AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn. Janoschka,Anja.(2004).Web advertising: new constitutes of despatch on the Internet.Amsterdam:John Benjamins Publishing Company. Solomon ,Gwen & Schrum,Lynne.(2007).Web 2.0: new utensils, new schools.Washington:ISTE (Interntl Soc Tech Educ). Walker,Orville C.(2003).Marketing policy: a decision-focused adit.Columbus:McGraw-Hill/Irwin.