Brand and Chapter

CB2201 Consumer Behaviour Lecturers: Kristina Georgiou and Alison Barker Tutorial Questions Trimester 1, 2013 Students Week 2 - 04/03/13 Stipulation 8 1. 2. 4. How does a dissonance among the conceptional particularize and the explicit particularize pretend consumer action? What factors pretend the inclusion of marks in the importance set, and why would a assemblage failure its mark in the importance set? What six comprehensive groups of commencements can consumers regard during exterior exploration. Where does the Internet fit into these groups. Stipulation 9 3. 6. 7. How do consumers use invigorating and noninvigorating sentence-making models? How do appraisals and sentiment, as polite as pretendive anticipation, wave consumer sentence making? What three tenorual elements pretend consumer sentence-making? Week 3 – 11/03/13 Stipulation 10 5. 6. What is mark faithfulness, and what role does it indicate in low-effort sentence-making? How do cost and estimate cognizances pretend low-effort sentence making? Stipulation 11 3. 5. How do expectations and work add to disconfirmation? Why is irritable considerable to marketers and how should complaints be handled? Week 4 – 18/03/13 Chapter 2 Case Study – SUBMIT CASE ANSWERS IN CLASS WHAT’S IN A STORE AT UMPQUA BANK How does Umpqua augment consumer motivation by making itself personally bearing to customers? Explain, in consumer action conditions, how the Innovation Lab augments customers’ power to rule counsel environing banking issues and services? What is Umpqua doing to augment consumers’ occasion to rule counsel environing financial services? Week 5 – 25/03/13 Chapter 3 How do zipping and zapping pretend consumers’ pitfall to stimuli such as issues and ads. What is cognizance, and what methods do we use to discern stimuli? Differentiate among the independent outset and the be-unlikeential outset, and decipher how these concepts report to Weber’s Law. HEINZ IS LOOKING FOR ATTENTION – SUBMIT CASE ANSWERS IN CLASS Using the concepts discussed in this stipulation, decipher how Heinz has been auspicious in generating pitfall and capturing watchfulness. What other ideas would you recommend Heinz try to excite pitfall, watchfulness and cognizance? In conditions of pitfall, watchfulness and cognizance, what are some germinative disadvantages of Heinz’s Top This TV debates? Do you fancy Heinz earn advantage long-term from possession a debate for students that focused on the visual entreat of sharp single-minister ketchup packets? Decipher your counterpart. 2.3. Teaching Free Week Friday – 30/03/13 – Thursday 04/03/13 Week 6 – 08/04/13 Mid Term Test in Rank BASED ON CHAPTERS 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 & 11 Week 7 – 15/04/13 Chapter 4 – SUBMIT CASE ANSWERS IN CLASS HYUNDAI ACCELERATES NEW IMAGE MARKETING Why would Hyundai keep a voice-over stating “We’re moderately firm that Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus aren’t going to approve it very much” in a Genesis ad? How is Hyundai using province of derivation to wave consumers’ inferences environing the Genesis? In conditions of experience and reason, how is the insertion of the upscale Genesis sedan approvely to pretend how consumers fancy environing lower-priced Hyundai models? Stipulation 5 1. 3. What are standings, and what three functions do they minister. What role does truthfulness indicate in pretending consumer standings established on cognitions? Week 8 – 22/04/13 Stipulation 6 2. 3. 5. 7. What role do commencement, communication, tenor, and iteration indicate in influencing consumers’ apprehensive standing? What is the unmixed pitfall chattels, and why is it considerable to consumers’ pretendive reactions. Decipher the dual-mediation theory. What are the implications for pretending consumers’ mark standing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of featuring celebrities in advertising communications? Stipulation 7 4. . 6. How can regaining failures and errors pretend consumer recollection? How does confession be-unlike from resumption? What is involved recollection, and how can it pretend a consumer’s power to recover a mark designate? Week 9 – 29/04/13 Presentation Day Week 10 – 06/05/13 GROUP PROJECT DUE AT BEGINNING OF CLASS 8. 30am Stipulation 14 1. 2. 5. Decipher the be-unlikeences among global estimates, final estimates, instrumental estimates, and domain-specific estimates. What are the indelicate main estimate work parallel which generally-known cultures can variegate? What are the three components of a consumer’s conductstyle? . Stipulation 15 2. 5. 7. Why do companies casually target estimation leaders for marketing watchfulness? What three techniques can marketers use to advance consumer acquiescence? Why is message of mouth so considerable for marketers? Week 11 – 13/05/13 Stipulation 16 4. 5. 6. How can consumers be categorized in conditions of their timing of choice referring-to to other consumers? What is the issue conduct cycle, and how does it be-unlike from issue colliquation? How do consumer education requirements and gregarious junction pretend opposition, choice, and colliquation? Stipulation 18 1. 5. 6. What is compulsive buying, and why is it a completion? What waves environmentally cognizant consumer action? What can consumers do to withstand marketing practices they discern as unwanted or unethical? Week 12 – 20/05/13 Final Test – In rank BASED ON CHAPTERS 14, 15, 16 & 18