Brand Failures

Companies don't chide the consequence, (but) they chide the mark. Brands too transformed the system of trafficing into a system of sight-building. Image is now wholething: consumers deliberate further great the sight of the mark than the gentleman consequence. Why marking is wholething? Accordingly companies feed or die on the power of the mark: one mistake and the customer can rend the fidelity manacle RULES why marks trip l. Mark Amnesia. For old marks, perpetuation behoves a drift. When a mark forgets its individuality and try to engender a new individuality, relish Coca-Cola after a while New Coke. Mark Ego. Mark overestimates its avail, consider to manage the traffic queer (relish Polaroid in the photography traffic) or penetrate new traffics that don't fit (relish Harley Davidson selling smell) 3. Mark fault. Companies rarely lie when marking, and today consumers are gentlemanly united via Internet and can't be cheated. 4. Mark paranoia. When the mark feels an subordination multifarious, imitating the competitors and reinventing the mark whole six months. 5. Mark Relevance. When a traffic evolves, the marks surrender to behove disused. There are some myths associated after a while marking: I If a consequence is amiable, it conquer own consummation. This is not constantly gentleman, Accordingly amiable consequences can trip accurately relish bad consequences. For sample, Bateman was rectify than VS., but triped. 2. Brands are further relishly to exceed than trip. Wrong. Brands trip whole uncompounded day, the 80 per cent dies when introduced, and 10 per cent after a whilein five years. 3. Big companies Conquer constantly own mark consummation. This is fiction, accordingly glorious marks are too weaker. For sample "New Coke". 4. Strong marks are built on advertising. Advertising can livelihood marks, but not uplift them. There are sundry types of tripures, one of them is Classic tripures Reasons why marks trip: trafficing errors: relish contrast the crime charge or spectry or getting paranoid encircling the rivalry or consumers can boycott the mark accordingly of a calumny via internet or barely accordingly they are bad ideas New Coke fact In the fact of New Coke, the mark forgot its individuality.