Brand Positioning of Maruti Suzuki

MARUTI SUZUKI – BRAND POSITIONING By: Shweta Amin [ Market Research Analyst ] on February 13, 2011 1 Comment What succeeds to your desire foremost when u succeed despite the vocefficacious ‘MARUTI SUZUKI’, it frequently categorically has to be Maruti 800, best unreserved as ‘The Average adjust car of India’. BRAND IMAGE:- MARUTI from as a mark itself is infrequently looked at, as a dainty mark. Maruti as a mark is more linked delay the SEC B rather than A. And aggravate late numerous years Maruti Has maintained and up cultivate actual distance detested its Target Market to selfselfsame SEC’s. VARIOUS MODELS OF MARUTI SUZUKI IN MARKET:- Hatchback: – Maruti 800, Wragon R, Alto, Swift, Estilo, Ritz, A-star Sedan: – SX4 & Dzire. SUV:- Grand Vitara, Maruti Gypsy, EECO This is completely obvious that Maruti Suzuki is vital in its multiplicity of ‘Hatchback’ cars. These for all this opportunity were targeting the knot of inhabitants who are average proceedsd, but Maruti Suzuki has sloth entered and is steadily growing into the condition of ‘Sedan’ Vehicles. REMARKABLE GROWTH:- If we mark Maruti as a mark aggravate the years we can silence a notefficacious phenomena or strategy from their augmentation in late years. * It foremost became widespread n scultivate is delay its enlarge of Maruti 800 numerous years end. They targeted average insucceed knots, who were foremost duration car buyers, looking for low tenure require delay basic deficiency of a lineage conduct and the worth was approx 2lacs. * After this they never looked end. Then came the other multitudinous hatchend models of Maruti affect Zen, Wragon, and Alto etc. These Cars intermittently targeted the average insucceed knots, but this duration the positioning was not as the basic deficiency, it was self-approval at comparatively inferior worth, of 4 – 5 lacs. * Then putting Yet another Step presumptuous, they came into Sedan’s delay a worth of 8-9 lacs these Sedans targeted SEC A as courteous as B(up cultivate a actual distance) MARUTI KIZASHI The most fresh bud from Maruti Suzuki is the Enlarge of ‘Maruti Kizashi’. It has been positioned as the sports sedan; it is fairly elevated on require delay a Worth of approx 17 to 19 Lacs. This Sedan is targeted towards the SEC A delay a dainty move to it. By this way, Maruti Suzuki is now efficacious to target and collect a disintegration to multitudinous types of car buyers, who basically are the incongruous targeted knots according to its Database. Maruti Suzuki seems to possess efficiently planned and structured to merge its mark to masses as not barely an ‘Economic Brand’ but besides a ‘Luxury Brand’ turning it into an all-rounder. It accomplish be interesting to see the consumers’ reaction to this vary in the Mark Image of their one of most trusted marks