Developing a Powerful Service Brand

Founder: Ho Kwon Ping. Banyan Tree: One of the quantitative player in the effeminacy resorts and spa bargain in Asia. Get its earliest customer in 1994 in Phuket, Thailand In mid. 2004 BTHL operated 15 resorts and hotels,35 spas and 38 retail shops in past than 40 locations in 20 countries. STRATEGIES ? Niche bargaining strategy ? Public Relations & Global Marketing Programs ? ? Focused “human touch” instead of eminent tech vitality consuming equipments Introduced labors like: Spa Individual villas Intimate packages for couple FACTORS BEHIND SUCCESS ? Choice of target part ? Exotic delineations in erection. ? Product/labor delineation and delivery ? Aggressive inside bargaining ? Winning the influence of national communities and notorious attention groups ? Pioneer status: earliest mover advantage ? Pro-environmental occupation practices VILLA SPA UNDER WATER MARRIAGE MARKETING & BRAND VALUES BTHL bargaining strategies were managed by interdiplomatic advertising agency ? Promoted as “Banyan Tree Experience” ? Focused on wide advertising ? Edifice notorious relationship ? Membership in little effeminacy hotels and quantitative hotel of world ? Work after a while vicegerent specialization in restricted effeminacy holidays. LOCAL COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT ? Indigenous materials for view of resort ? Promote transmitted art and handicraft ?Purchase young produce ?Source of proceeds for national mass through art gallery SOCIAL INTERACTIONS ? ? ? Disparity in vitality styles and assistance standards among guests and the national order Scholarships for the poor manifestation, edifice schools, branch wariness centre , hosting lunches and parties Influence national cultures and holy activities NEW BRANDS INTRODUCTION ? The “Angsana stigma” ? The “Colours of Angsana” Resort & spa, total after a while an Angsana Gallery Penetrate the tender notify and cultural tourism bargain, creating to the past intrepid part of bargain. Q-- What are the deep factors that contributed to Banyan Tree’s luck? CONTRIBUTES TO SUCCESS Choice of target part ? Pioneer status: earliest mover advantage ? Notorious relationships as a machine of furtherance. ? Product/labor delineation and delivery ? Aggressive inside bargaining ? Influence of national communities ? Pro-environmental occupation practices ? QUESTION: Evaluate Banyan Tree’s brand positioning and communications strategies. Can Banyan Tree deeptain its matchless positioning in an increasingly overcrowded resorts bargain ? ? Brand positioning . ? Focused furtherance efforts after a while minimal wastage ? ? ? ? ? ? Unique positioning sustainable Unique labor trial at Banyan Tree(Appeal to “the senses,”) Retaining “Human touch” Individual tenor. Employee programs. The “Gallery” Q--Discuss whether the stigma portfolio of Banyan Tree, Angsana, and Colours of Angsana, as well-mannered-mannered as the fruit portfolio of strand resorts and city hotels, spas, galleries, and museum shops fit as a nativity. What are your recommendations to Banyan Tree for managing these stigmas and fruits in coming? Banyan Tree targeted the eminenter end of the effeminacy resorts bargain ? Angsana was past deepstream and synchronous, targeting the straggle bargain ? The Colours of Angsana class of boutique hotels catered specifically to the tender notify tourism part, ? “THE ROMANCE OF TRAVEL AND THE BEAUTY OF DISCOVERING THE WORLD”