Mia Brand Swot Analysis

TANISHQ INTRODUCTION Tanishq has large its portfolio delay the hurl of sub-mark Mia, a row of jewellery targeted at launched women. The row comprises two separate artifices directions – one in the recent and another in the ethno coeval measure. Mia is meant for women on the go, who are affianced in sundry professions and possess a courteous-established ally ensemble, unfortunately barring jewellery. Sensitive jewellery that launched women buy is chiefly for oral occasions, and do not possess an offering for their daily waste in the traffic. Tanishq is best suited to recognize the needs of these consumers and has put unitedly a wonderfully crafted, courteous intentional jewellery assemblage, which get produce them charity to go to product. This assemblage is lofty on artifice quotient, not-difficult in pressure, affordable and apt for today's recent dowager. Mia has aggravate 100 artifices appraisementd at Rs 5,999 afore and the assemblage is suited counter the 130 Tanishq outlets in aggravate 76 towns. The extrinsic is to siege jewellery wasteing occasions over nuptialss and extraordinary events. Kulhalli ,defect principal (retail, trafficing and good-natured-tempereds) believes targeting the five pet launched women is sufficient occasion as increasing endeavor levels and the sum of women entering the productforce get accelerate spending. The new sub-mark get so acceleration unconcealed up a new consumer age collocation, in a jewellery traffic where largeness of the sales is in the 30-60 age collocation. DESIGN PHILOSOPHY Mia Tanishq is a stunning rank of sensitive, oppidan-chic, affordable jewellery starting at Rs. 999 exclusively crafted for Launched Women to determine that you're appreciated in your product attribute and produces you possess your product morals affect never anteriorly. Based on 2 artifice directions, Quest (no rise and no end - Infinity) and Blossom (Born to Blossom - Born to Shine - Floral), this assemblage is really a winner at product. Really capturing the being of the oppidan, defiant launched women, Mia is revealed by the isolation of each one of you and really projects rule, assurance and zest. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths 1. It has a boyish and recent vestibule and artifices are oppidan chic. 2. Affordable appraisement ranks are starting from 5999 3. Advertising management is hearty and convinces the parley. 4. Traffic dilution is good-natured-tempered, suited at sundry outlets Weakness 1. Hearty competitors 2. Gold Perception – Since gold is usually considered as an siege and the gold appraisements are iively. 3. Gold buying is primarily considered a ceremonial for occasions affect nuptials and other dignified functions . Opportunities’ 1. Target parley is the launched assort dowager in India, about 5 pet dowager are launched in India in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities so it is a magnanimous occasion. 2. Delay Globalization, lot of opportunities in the interpolitical traffic. 3. It is a sub mark of Tanishq the quantitative jwellery producers , and has good-natured-tempered-tempered traffic distribute in Indian jwellery assiduity. Threats. 1. Tough rivalry delay other jwellery marks. 2. Local jwellery shops 3. Government regulations 4. Significance on Gold.