Bean Trees and Brave New World

Brave New World vs. The Bean Trees The novels Brave New World and The Bean Trees twain semblance arendering and community hard to hunt their own wellbeing. In Brave New World, John suffers through his woe. In The Bean Trees, Taylor Greer goes through the identical predicament. They twain go through the manner of arendering to stretch the identical aim, which is to ascertain wellbeing. In Brave New World, John graces out casted by twain the New Mexico Savage Reservation and the World State. After a while aid in the World State and their rendering of “happiness”, John begs for the just to arrive-at perturbation. He sees the World State as giving off constrained wellbeing, but he scantinesss penny wellbeing and penny perturbation. He pleads, “I don’t scantiness self-approval, I scantiness God, I scantiness poetry, I scantiness developed peril, I scantiness immunity, I scantiness urbanity. I scantiness sin. ” He sieges his values from the works of Shakespeare which helps him to signification his own perturbations and reactions, it yields him a framework from which to explain on World State values, and it yields him the accents that helps him obstruct his own in confrontation. Shakespeare semblances all the values that the World State does not feel. From balbutiation the works, John scantinesss to exclude the shoal “happiness” of the World State, he graces insufficient to guide his temptations for Lenina, and notwithstanding he commits suicide. John initiative segregate in the conclusive orgy and following committing suicide can grace viewed as the result of an mental-unsoundness made by the fight between his values and the developedity of the World State. John never stretched his aim due to him committing suicide. In The Bean Trees, Taylor Greer leaves her abode in Kentucky to mould a new career for herself. Along the way, a mother yields Taylor a branch which she names Turtle. At highest, caring for Turtle does not conclude amply to her, but balance spell she grows to benevolence Turtle as her own. Taylor graces harsh to developed quickly which brings on another violent-effort for her. High School has barely been aback her for a few years and she already has to siege on the business of providing for a branch. She too needs to educate currency on her own, not barely for herself but too for Turtle. Finding a settle to speed became her business, too. Estevan and Esperanza’s violent-efforts after a while aving to yield up their branch and the trauma of Turtle getting onseted one day, forces Taylor to violent-effort through dip. The police examination on the onset semblances that Taylor is not the juridical custodian of Turtle which brings up another violent-effort for her until Taylor concludes up after a while a artfulness to annex her. In the end, Taylor’s artfulness works, Taylor and Turtle now feel a abode in Tucson, and Esperanza and Estevan safely speed at their new abode in Oklahoma. Taylor violent-effortd through career’s challenges but by the end of the novel she ascertains a new purport for “family” and graces approving of the miracles yieldn to her each day. The violent-efforts of the ethnical term grace established for the general spell in the speeds that Taylor has creaky. Ultimately, Taylor did stretch her aim of wellbeing owing she establish nobility in the community encircling her and a new career in Tucson. Twain of the characters went through considerable arendering on their specialty of wellbeing. They handled their arendering in divergent ways though. John rebelled athwart the World State to construct his wellbeing forasmuch-as Taylor took what came to her and establish her wellbeing after a while what she was yieldn.