Posted: November 25th, 2022

Business Research

1.  Assume you are planning to interview shoppers in a shopping mall about their views on increased food prices and what the federal government should do about them. In what different ways might you try to motivate shoppers to cooperate in your survey? (hint: answers to this question should not focus on food prices and/or the government) 

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Business Research
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2.  As part of its bankruptcy restructuring, General Motors (GM) launched an ad campaign that revealed glimmers of a streamlined GM: fewer brands (Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet, GMC) and fewer models within each brand.

a) What research would you have done to determine which vehicle models GM should retain and which it should drop?

b) What would you have measured and with what type of measurement scale?

3.  Employers, the military, and colleges use aptitude tests to predict how well someone might perform. Recently, critics have said there isn’t much difference in performance above a certain level—that everyone is more or less the same. Now, in a current issue of Psychological Science, the authors of a new study find that this isn’t true. Instead, the higher your score, the better you perform later. The investigation considered four large studies of people who have taken aptitude tests: the College Board’s SAT scores for 150,000 students entering 110 colleges and their freshman GPA. The Army collected 5,000 scores for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery and later appraised candidates on how well they did their jobs. Two additional data sets contained students’ performance on tests in high school and their grades in college. The higher the test scores, the better the subsequent performance. 

Suggest alternative hypotheses that could equally explain this finding.

Instructions:  As a reminder, all written work should be conducted with ethical scholarship. This means that you will write what you are trying to say in your own words and that you will give credit to the person from whom you learned the concept. If you learned a concept from your textbook, the appropriate in-text citation. Please make sure to write each question up to 200 words.

Each questions should be answered in separate paper.

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