Posted: January 24th, 2023

Can you help me with this assignment


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Can you help me with this assignment
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A total of 3 assessment reports (3 different papers, 3 different assessments) are required. I have resources at the end of the syllabus and in areas on the course that lists different places to find assessments. 

Report Guidelines

You are required to complete the following:

  1. Prepare a six page report on an assessment. (Title page, abstract, 3 page body, references).
  2. You are required to research 3 articles regarding the assessment chosen.  This article must be in a published journal (2010 to present).
  3. You are required to cite the following within the body of each assessment report:
    • Your opinions about cultural sensitivity and other aspects about the article
    • Discuss using the assessment with persons with disabilities.
    • Purchase or obtain 3 assessments.
    • Discuss your impressions after taking each assessment. State your score or report after taking the assessment. Explain the score or the outcome within your paper.
    • Compare/Contrast your synopsis of the assessment to the author(s).
    • Include conclusions.
    • Attach your score or report.

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