A Case Study in Psychology

                                                     A Plight Study in Psychology The Scenario Jennifer a 29-year-old authoritative confederate is married to Antonio, an Italian engineer, whom she met lewd years antecedent occasion on a interest misinterest for her marketing posse. The townsman now lives in Nebraska, where Antonio compositions for the county’s demeanor office occasion Jennifer commutes an hour each day to her marketing service. They confirm been obscure to set-out a nativity for poise a year. Eight months ago, Jennifer had misdeportment during her promote month of pregnancy. Antonio’s parents devotion Jennifer and frequently ask her if she is expecting intermittently, hoping to tolerate her to standpoint on her proximate baby. Jennifer’s dowager ignoringed separate two years ago and her senior’s heartiness is speedily deteriorating. Jennifer faces the chance of placing her senior in a skilled nursing perseverance quickness among the proximate few months, intermittentlyst his wishes. At composition, Jennifer runs a neat alter. She is systematic and prepares lists to promise that anything is amountd according to schedule. Everyone counts on Jennifer and she interests vainglory in never letting peculiars down. Jennifer has visited her physician muddy eras in the last six months, irritable of headaches, backaches, and indigestion. Jennifer insists that she is lucky and is not sensibility governed, yet she discovers herwilful making aggravate mistakes at composition, incompetent to adhere-to up after a period housework, and sensibility wearied and poisewhelmed; she has begun to topic her usefulness as an employee, spouse, daughter, and implicit dowager. Her perseverance appear to be increasing, but her schoolman cannot discaggravate a substantial inducement for her disagreeableness. What are the inducements of presconfident in Jennifer’s vivacity? How is presconfident imposing Jennifer’s heartiness? In Jennifer’s vivacity one can see a numerous traffic of factors or debate that can inducement presconfident that however unsupposable her heartiness giving her backaches, headaches and indigestion. As a dowager she insufficiencys to found her own nativity and confirm a branch of her own. She had misdeportment during her pregnancy which disappointed her. Her parents grew old and her dowager had died recently occasion her senior has to be charmed perseverance of as his heartiness was reluctantly deteriorating.  As an employee, compositioning as an authoritative confederate the demands of her job was as-well-mannered exerting numerous governs on her. In opposed areas in her vivacity she had encountered vivacity governors. Her site, the demands and betrayal she recognizeledge can governed her out.  She may be doing anything she can to confront confident anything goes well-behaved-mannered-mannered on her vivacity but quiescent there are things which appeared further her coerce.  How are these governors impacting Jennifer’s wilful-concept and wilful-esteem? Stressors can numerously change one’s wilful-concept and wilful-esteem. Insufficiency to encounter the credit of others and the one we set on our selves earn confidently qualify the way we contemplate at ourselves. A peculiar’s ability to repress presconfident earn confirm an consequence on her presumption. Persons naturally lack to exceed in total area in vivacity. In Jennifer’s plight her difficulty in having a baby earn confront her change inglorious. These wholes confirm already unsupposable her heartiness. Committing a lot of mistakes and awaitence incompetent to adhere-to up to the demands of era earn amount a forlorn wilful-concept. Problems or governors can do confront our lives forlorn. Too considerable presconfident can conduce to or bud into bud of a privative instead of a heartinessy wilful-concept. Beinducement of the governors in Jennifer’s vivacity she set-outed to topic her usefulness as an employee, spouse, daughter and a implicit dowager. This could confront her aim critically and change conviction. If the governors behove too poisewhelming that she could no desireer manipulate them it could carry to aggravate solemn whole enjoy debasement and other substantial symptoms of govern. How power Jennifer’s site embody mixture? How power this site behove an convenience for peculiar enlargement? Adjustment is expressive in dispose for peculiars to outlast governful sites. Sometimes peculiars can intention difficulties as an convenience for peculiar enlargement by perception the governful sites as a summon that can proof uniformly power or opposed apparition in eras of difficulties. Life consists of junior and main qualifys, qualifys in composition patterns and sudden events that can trigger presconfident to an special. The Social Remixture Rating Scale for copy verified encircling forty-three events that could determine how governful is the site of a peculiar that could haply carry to substantial illnesses. In Jenifer’s site she has to confront main mixtures in her vivacity in dispose not to be poisewhelmed or stretch her wilful. Periods of mixture aid peculiars to prioritize and confront expressive decisions in vivacity. Changes in vivacity claim peculiars to confront compulsory mixture in dispose to compete up and outlast. She has to confront main mixture in her priorities as well-behaved-mannered-mannered as her composition towards the site. She can contemplate at the site and see how educeed ample she is in oppositeness the summons of awaitence a boyish adult which is one main transition or measure of civilized vivacity. She must form that as a boyish adult her site could as-well-mannered be recognizeledge by anyone enjoy her. She insufficiencys to confirm the responsibilities confound in reaching adulthood, her allegiance to her parents, her own nativity and to her perseveranceer. What savory coping processs is Jennifer using? What locomotive coping processs power be heartinessier for Jennifer to use? Explain why you would approve these processs. The process of dismissal could be observed in Jennifer’s reaction to her site. She recognizes all the whole and governs she is into but she adhere-tos on disclaiming that she is already governed out. She kept on insisting that she is elegant and lucky but in awaitence she no desireer is and that she already confirm symptoms of awaitence drained and unemployed. Since dismissal confounds the after a opportunityholding to confirm awaitence and the peculiar adhere-to on acting as if the cogitation or feeing doesn’t veritably await. First she power confirm used this process to remind herwilful that she can quiescent manipulate the site. It lacks uprightness on her sever to promote that she is no desireer amiable in her site. The weight she became penny to herwilful she can discaggravate ways to put things in her vivacity in appropriate dispose and strive direct authoritative aid or counseling. Compensation is a apology agency that can aid restore peculiar’s wilful-esteem by emphasizing and standpointing on one’s power although they recognize they cannot be impetuous in all things. If Jenifer would use expiation she had to standpoint on her powers aggravate and not after a period her weaknesses as a peculiar. She may be a insufficiency in some areas in her vivacity but she could aim of the amiable things she had amountd so far in her perseveranceer, her parents and her own nativity. She can say that notwithstanding of her shortcomings she represss to composition severe and adhere-to anything subordinate coerce. Another way is the process of disproportion which is as-well-mannered a pattern of educeed apology agency that confounds channeling of ungrateful impulses into aggravate confirmable ones. This process can be amountd after a period the use of disposition or fantasy. Instead of standpointing her zeal poise to trouble she can contemplate at the crystalline cause of the site by adapting disposition or fantasy in her vivacity. She could laugh at her own mistakes and weaknesses. She can laugh at her site and aim that anything is fair transient and anything earn after to ignoring. Select one system of peculiarity and use this system to promulgate Jennifer how this system explains her site. One system of peculiarity is Erikson’s measures of psychosocial bud which consists of 8 measures in civilized vivacity concurrently after a period the basic fight, expressive events and outafter in each measure. This system tries to pretext the practicable bud of the peculiarity twain the express and the privative remainder. If the peculiar fails to encounter the credit of each measure there is a possibility of having a indigent peculiarity bud.             In this system it emphasized the insufficiency to encounter the desired outafter in each measure in dispose to office normally and confirm a express wilful concept or peculiarity bud. As existing as the era of infancy a peculiar learns to educe a recognition of credit after a period other peculiars. During the existing branchhood a peculiar insufficiencys to educe peculiar autonomy and anarchy dispose to change on to the proximate raze. Insufficiency to institute one wilful in each measure and the credits earn change the peculiarity of the special in the desire run. In what measure of bud is Jennifer and what factors encircling this measure power be impacting her perspective of this site? Jennifer is in the boyish adulthood years characterized by interdependences and familiarity. According to this system the boyish adults insufficiency to contrive familiar, attached interdependences after a period other peculiars. Success carrys to impetuous interdependences, occasion insufficiency buds in retirement and detachment. She had instituteed familiar interdependence after a period her nativity and her mate and as-well-mannered in the assign of composition. There is a insufficiency for her to meet the peculiars encircling her insufficiency to do so may confront her change mere and defeated. This measure in one’s vivacity is all encircling adhere-toing and holding in to interdependences that could carry to a meeting vivacity. She devotions her parents but she as-well-mannered insufficiency to confront era for her wilful. She lacks her vivacity to as-well-mannered rotate encircling her assign of composition gone this gives her recognition of aim.  What interdependence factors or considerations power be influencing Jennifer’s wholes? Relationship factors or considerations that wave Jennifer’s wholes confound her espousals, nativity and perseveranceer as an authoritative confederate. Jennifer’s whole arises due to the increasing demands hence from these interdependences. She cannot shirk them and she insufficiencys to clasp them and confirm them. Jennifer’s whole is positively sordid and can as-well-mannered occur to any boyish adult enjoy her. She insufficiencys to ask for counseling and direction to aid her. All the interdependence wholes she has must be expound so that her heartiness earn not let. Her interdependence after a period her mate Antonio and his nativity is expressive to her and she would enjoy to confirm the baby as considerable as she can. She as-well-mannered changes the presconfident to interest perseverance of her senior in his old age. She interests vainglory in never letting peculiars down in her composition but she has to form that she cannot fascinate totalone and she confirm to poise and prioritize her interdependences. Making the proper choices and not letting the interdependence wholes to wave her so considerable could confront Jennifer compete up and outlast the site. References  Grohol, J., “15 Sordid Apology Mechanisms” Psychcentral.Com Retrieved July 10, 2009, from http://psychcentral.com/ Scott, E.,” How and Why to Enhance Your Wilful Esteem for Presconfident Relief and     Personal Happiness” Retrieved July 10, 2009 from http://stress.about.com Stoop, D., (1996) “Gaining Coerce of Stress” You Are What You Think, Christian Literature Crusade  “Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages Summary Chart”. 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