A Case Study on Schizophrenia and Delusional Disorders in the Film A Beautiful Mind

The John Forbes Nash, Jr. biopic A Beautiful Mind (2001) constructive the ceremonious sfrequently and sink of the notable Nobel Prize winner and mathematician as he battled the wasting property of schizophrenia to thus-far accomplish interdiplomatic approbation. Schizophrenia, a intellectual empiricism characterized by an inability to know being, affects roughly one percent of the ethnical population. In the film, John Nash’s empiricism is depicted through a train of delusions that thus-far leads to a downward spiral which closely incapacitates Nash. It so likenessed the sundry treatments Nash had to endure in his contention to subdue schizophrenia. Symptoms and Diagnosis While schizophrenia is usually familiar by herd in their adolescent-person, fitting “as they are encircling to distribute their wings” – as Nasar said in the New York Times – Nash “was struck when he had already begun to soar” (Lautin, 2001, http://www.dailyprincetonian.com/archives/2001/02/27/page3/). John Nash began to visibly manifest the symptoms of schizophrenia in 1958 when he was closely 30 years old. When Nash’s intellectual disturbances began, he was inaugurated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his helpmeet Alicia was replete delay their son. During this space, he began having delusions – he believed that he could see encrypted messages in newspaper profession, and frequently missed classes and exhortations, so astounded was he in his inquiry to decode the newspapers. Soon succeeding, his delusions escalated and he began to opine that he was substance recruited into a secluded code-breaking item of the soldierlike. Once, he disrupted a exhortation by announcing to his students that he would likeness on the shelter of a berth masquerading as the pope. He so believed that spies were perplexing to extend him through the New York Times. He so refused an adduce from the University of Chicago, polished that he was encircling to be appointed as the Emperor of Antarctica. Nonetheless, the film likenessed that throughout Nash’s cling at Princeton, from 1945 to 1949, he was already having delusions. While at Princeton, he believed that he had a roommate, inasmuch-as registers likeness that he had lived quaint. He so believed in the being of his roommate’s adolescent niece, a petty spinster that casually accompanied his roommate. As a conclusion of his growing schizophrenia, Nash was arduous to after a whiledraw from MIT, and was legitimately incapacitated for the aftercited two decades. In 1959, Nash began to grace increasingly paranoid, forcing his helpmeet to advance him into the McLean Hospital where he was treated delay chlorpromazine injections. The McLean Hospital is a special psychiatric organization which employs treatments such as counseling, psychoanalysis, and order and origin therapy. There he was placed underneathneath attention for 50 days and was thus-far diagnosed delay “paranoid schizophrenia and soft dejection delay low self-esteem” (Wikipedia, 2006, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Forbes_Nash#Schizophrenia). A Beautiful Mind portrayed John Nash’s empiricism as a supply of visual hallucinations: the roommate in Princeton, the roommate’s niece, the operatives that recruited him into a sheltert code-breaking band-arms, the encoded messages in newspaper clippings, and the spies that pursued him. Bu the symptoms of Nash’s empiricism that were depicted in the film are misleading and defective. If these symptoms were manifested by someone in actual personality, the physician command doubt that the enduring is narrowly abstinence from the property of a garbage or he command despatch the enduring for an MRI to assess the nearness of a brain tooth. Hallucinations and “split personalities” are not frequently indicative of schizophrenia. The account of the empiricism portrayed in A Beautiful Mind does not contemplate what legitimately occurs in actual personality.