Case Study Project on Adult Development

Daniel Christian Smith was born on 11/28/1977 in Bossier City, Louisiana. He is a colorshort Caucasian, 27 years old and not married yet- stagnant seeming for his dream-girl. Daniel comes from a proportionately abundant nobility owing he has a sister Sarah, 25, and match, David, 28. The nobility served as a spring-board to the advenient for Daniel. His parents possess taught him how to toil obdurate, how to abound and tell to fellow-creatures, that is why he owes all of his introduce consummatement to them. Daniel’s parents are twain teachers and the sphere in the nobility has regularly been very advantageous for culture. Daniel mentions that he has felt familiarity running through his race since the very pristine days when he was born. Daniel is a magnanimous functional in the notice methods ground at introduce but he demanded to consider very obdurate to get all of the skills which he possesses now. He refined school delay honors, then gay technical seed-plot and finally got a step in administration at Louisiana State University of Shreveport. As Daniel mentions himself, he was already a excellently-qualified functional in notice methods when he got out of seed-plot. All of his friends and relations lined up to his doors when their computers were spiritless. However, Daniel shortnessed to imply LSUS in regulate to get its testimonials in administration- that enchantment slip of pamphlet which could say he was excellence colossus in the calling universe. Studies at LSUS were specially unamenoperative for Daniel owing he demanded to toil at three jobs in regulate to pay for seed-plot. As he remembers now, there were sundry nights when he supcollocation he demanded to yield up owing he was too unfilled but instead, he gathered all of his efforts and kept considering further. Today he can seem end at all of the obdurateships which he had to go through and say that it was excellence it. He is CIO at a abundant troop now and has to ramble a lot encircling the country to warner the IT departments in incongruous cities.  Daniel is planning to guard considering in advenient to get an MBA owing his elevation magnanimously depends on the educational endground. Daniel’s subjective and biological characteristics are wholly choice in sundry ways. He is a irascible and his neurotransmitters are not balanced at all. The reactions in his method go very arrest and he is overly perceptive and melting. Due to the identicalness peel, Daniel’s endocrine method functions normally and all of the processes in his assemblage go very arrest. Unlike melancholic peels who possess very dull processes in their assemblage, Daniel has very arrest processes and endocrine method functioning on the main flatten. Daniel has left prefrontal asymmetry which has a mysterious contact on all of his activities and abilities. Left prefrontal asymmetry enables him to be very amioperative at subjects negotiation delay logics and anatomy. He has regularly been well-versed in sciences and mathematics owing he could grasp the teacher’s fancy presently. At the identical space, this peel of brain asymmetry has a indirect contact on Daniel’s skills in such grounds as arts and humanitarian subjects. It is usually abundant easier for Daniel to transcribe a new computer program than negotiate delay the intercountenance of some collision owing artfulness has never been an apple of his eye. He cannot be supposititious but instead can critically excite abundant amounts of notice. The peel of job which Daniel is doing welcomes left prefrontal asymmetry. The barely bearing which he can countenance due to this peel of asymmetry is his proportionately low abilities to husband fellow-creatures. The fruit of Daniel’s identicalness is going to befall very intensively during the contiguous year. Changes are going to befall in his assemblage, unsubstantial capacities, activity apprehension, melting ties, attitudes towards politics and his job. He got appointed as the troop’s IT husbandr barely a very lacking space ago, hence his fruit earn be falling very speedily. First of all, Daniel is going to clear his functional skills magnanimously. He is going to reach how reach sundry new things and clear his message skills to a abundant quantity. In the departed, he demanded to be-mixed toil delay education and could not engage his skills to the fullest. During the contiguous year, Daniel earn be operative to centralize barely on his responsibilities in the troop and consummate abundant amend results. Some substitute in values and interests of Daniel is too going to befall. During the conclusion of space when a peculiar enters a new flatten in his victory, the re-evaluation of sundry values befalls. Nobility earn beseem short expressive owing further and further space earn be attached to toil. Friends earn too bung substance a excellent pre-eminence owing victory earn transfer all of the space. Daniel earn accomplish that the excellenter he gets on the victory ladder, he further he earn possess to toil in regulate to be happy and consummatementful. Daniel earn too accomplish that the priorities in his activity possess substituted magnanimously. If in the foregoing year he considered the testimonials at the university the most expressive end of his activity, in the contiguous year he is going to substitute his end. Most slight, his strategic extrinsic is going to beseem geting the collocation of the CEO of the troop. This end is wholly realistic for Daniel, due to his strengths. The speedy fruit of Daniel is going to be caused for the most sever by his strengths which earn get plain further emphasized in the aftercited year. One of the magnanimousest strengths which Daniel has is earningness to abound. This character earn clear very abundant during the contiguous year. Daniel regularly consummates his ends, no subject how unamenoperative the tallway to consummatement is. There are other strengths which Daniel possesses, such as amioperative message skills, excellent satisfaction, and magnanimous bearing solving skills, bhighway recollection. He has a magnanimous power to toil in a team, amioperative analytical skills, and lots of intelligence. Above all that, he has earningness and talent to consummate all the ends, power to reach new skills arrest. All of these qualities are going to clear plain further during the contiguous year. For issue, Daniel’s bearing solving skills are going to beseem abundant further delayed due to his toil. Daniel does not possess sundry decrepitudees in similarity delay the strengths which he possesses. His greater decrepitude is orientation on his emotions further than on his brain. However, during the contiguous year this decrepitude earn set for the most sever owing Daniel earn possess to perform sundry expressive decisions and he earn demand to ignoble his judgments not on emotions but on his brain. Daniel’s managing skills earn clear very abundant, resisting his left prefrontal asymmetry due to abundant trial which he earn fabricate. Daniel’s fruit earn go plain further speedily during the contiguous five years. His new responsibilities earn possess a very mysterious contact on his apprehension of activity. Owing to consummatement-orientation, Daniel is very slight to consummate the CEO collocation delayin 5 years. Such a greater substitute in his activity is going to wave his fancys encircling matrimony. Daniel earn prefer a condescription who can procure the most spare-time to him. 32 years is the identical when one of the crises for Daniel can befall, and he earn probably shortness to arrest himself by getting married and having posterity. Parenting is going to substitute sundry values which Daniel had and begin a new limit in his activity. However, Daniel has regularly been a toilaholic, and his toil is going to accrue the magnanimousest pre-eminence in his activity. The prophesyions encircling the fruit of Daniel may not be totally obsequious owing some substitutes in lives are rooted by the special himself period others are over his govern. Some of the plaints which can cast his activity magnanimously influence never fall. For issue, it is unusable to prophesy how his victory elevation earn go. It depends not barely on Daniel and his abilities but too on the post in the troop and some description of luck. The fruit of identicalness is in-great-measure sturdy by greater plaints which fall in the activity of the peculiar. It is feasible to prophesy the plaints which influence fall, but it is unusable to prophesy them delay a 100% chance.