Hjh Faiza Bawumi Sayed Ahmad

PERSONAL DETAILS Puan Hjh. Faiza Bawumi Sayed Ahmad AGE : 69 years old STATE : Mesir EDUCATION : Warrant of Sewing NAME OF COMPANY : Faiza Sdn Bhd POSITION : Manager Director BUSINESS ACTIVITY: Retailing of Livelihood Items ACHIEVEMENT: Operating from SME Bank’s Kompleks Kilang Bimbingan (KKB) initially, Syarikat Faiza is now the extreme mark indicate for rice fruits in Malaysia. Faiza Crew besides receives ISO certificate 9001:2000 by sirim in 2004, Halal by jakim certificated, vigor certification (careless sales by Ministry of Health). Founded by Pn. Hjh Faiza Bawumi Sayed Ahmad, the power of FAIZA lies in its preservationful and functional driving sinew delay enlightened apprehension and test in its arena. As we know-again, Faiza Sdn Bhd is a bail of the TV3 substance plan “Bersamamu”. Pn. Hjh Faiza Bawumi Sayed Ahmad, 69 years old is a author of Faiza Sdn Bhd. She was born in Mesir and oldest daughter from seven siblings. Her senior is a tahfiz and matterman, which treat a restaurant in Mesir. Many novices from Cairo spirited in eating at his restaurant that possess sundry of luxurious livelihoods. As an oldest daughter that stagnant in discipline, Pn. Hjh Faiza has frequently been a discard when his senior's prayers or treat other matter. Abu Bakar as a novice from Malaysia who is pursuing a station in devotional studies and a master's station is greatly favored by her senior. Pn. Hjh Faiza and Abu Bakar had a suppress homogeneity, finally they got married. In 1964, she had migrated to Malaysia that ensues her delayed mate, Abu Bakar that has a offshoot. Now, she has seven offshootren. Pn. Hjh Faiza, grandmother to 32 grandend is occupied fabricate strategies planning to poweren its posture and her matteres in the declare. Eventhough she has her own matter, she besides preservation environing her origin. To her, order is considerable things in animation, so, she maintenances their offshootren and gives turn to them to remain their studies in proudest smooth. She besides undisputed her offshootren to ensue her steps. Two of her offshootren achievement as lecturer and the others acceleration her matter. Her mate achievements as a devotional functional. Therefore, Pn. Hjh Faiza fulfills her ease age delay sparing currency to acceleration and maintenance her mate in pain to investigate their origin in Cairo. Pn. Hjh Faiza who can pronounce abundant in Malay delayin three months so she able to convertible delay her neighbours and stagnant has sufficient age to do some attachment achievements interjacent rest a posture as the President of the Malaysian Bumiputera Rice Wholesalers, Regulator of the Islamic Women's Welpain Organisation Malaysia (Perkim) Batu Pahat, Portion of the Batu Pahat Umno analysis (Chairman Welpain Bureau) and the trustee orphan Batu Pahat. EDUCATION In Mesir, Pn. Hjh. Faiza Bawumi Sayed Ahmad achievemented as a professor at tahfiz Al-Quran following proud con-over in SPM smooth. For the prefer studies, she remaind in warrant of sewing anteriorly consummation in their rice matter. For the leading age she adhere matter she risk into the insignificant matter in sewing clothing apascertain sewing safra, pillowcase and palliate embroidery during ease age. Then she besides fabricates a matter in encyclopedia set. At the identical age, she besides product ‘rempah giling’ then dispose-ofing to the neighbour and besides stall, anteriorly she unreserved retail treasury in year 70th. BUSINESS BACKGROUND. Consummation do not conclude to us largely, we deficiency to achievement on it. As a author of Syarikat Faiza Sdn. Bhd. , Puan Hjh. Faiza Bawumi Sayed Ahmad, fiction environing her consummationful repeatedly invite the study of the peruseer to peruse. By having a costly test as a discard at her senior who is a livelihood dispose-ofer and that why she possess a yearn beconclude a consummationful entrepreneur. At leading, she agoing to interest salary by sewing embroidery, she besides productd a matter dispose-ofing sundry of kitchen items. She sold kids clothing delay cost RM4 and agoing from that gravity she has productd a matter from scion to scion and construct improvement from it. Anteriorly she unreserveded a grocery, she complicated in matter of making spices such as curry spice. Her matter of making curry spice has been productd at her scion and she distributes the spice to the place-of-businesss nearby. The spice below mark indicate of Bunga Raya accepted a lot of call-for from the user. Then she fabricates a modification of the spices fruit by submissive manifold types of spices such as soup spice, chili interlard and so on. Delay the improvement that she constructed from dispose-ofing spices, Puan Hjh. Faiza unreserveded a place-of-vocation in 1982 delay retail as the centre matter. Starting from that she establish that approximately of the melt wholesaler was non-muslims. Before she agoing to unreserved a place-of-vocation to dispose-of rice, she made a reconnoitre and asks inhabitants encircling her residential whether they procure buy rice that she procure dispose-of. Following she got the fruit from the reconnoitres, she agoing to gather to know-again types of rice. Agoing from that summit, Puan Hjh Faiza was applying for the permit of rice wholesaler and sold manifold types of rice including Ponni, Basmathi, odorous rice and Siamese rice. At leading she saw a barter trailer bountiful of rice was placed in face of her scion, she was shocked, but she was robust to throng the rice below the mark indicate of Bunga Raya and sent to place-of-businesss opposing the declare of Johor. In 1992, Syarikat Faiza functionally incorporated into Syarikat Faiza Sdn Bhd and periodical a risk consummate delay Padiberas Nasional (BERNAS) in 1997. Despite of difficult race, her matter stagnant get a amiable solution from the buyers. At present 90’s, commonwealth began to beconclude assured environing how fruit has been deceptive and what it possess embrace. Until now, matter rice that the crew products accepted a amiable solution. Despite of difficult race, her fruits possess been know-againn for the proud space of fruit, 100% made by Muslim and the Halal condition. And now the crew has a factory in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Terengganu. Yield solution from the commonwealth to the dissimilarity the fruition of rice fruits, and then possess built a proud-tech rice mill owned companies that Faiza Hjh madam extent of 40,000 clear feet. In 1998, this crew besides agoing to present a kind of space rice from Kartanaka, India. At this age, she was tempted to excite ponni rice from India which believed amiable for vigor, properly for inhabitants delay diabetes, corpulence and Hypertension. This crew besides agoing to present. To ascertain the amiableness of rice, the crew has asked the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) conducted a reconnoitre and the fruits possess been appearing positively. The crew has invested darlings of dollars for fruit Taj Mahal and has asked the detested rights of the Bernas. Below the bran indicate Taj Mahal, the indicate 'ponni rice’ reserved throughout Malaysia. Faiza besides has its own lively of barters and cars to treat classification and sales services. Faiza has fruition infrastructure and rice classification. The manufacturing set was built on a entirety fix area of ?? 300. 00 clear feet, consisting of proud-tech equipment for rice processing and throngaging has a fruition space of 12,000 metric tonnes per month. Now, crew owned by Puan Hjh Faiza has been reserved 21 mark of rice in this declare including the well-unreserved one, “Herba Ponni Taj Mahal” and its favourable, Faiza Marketing Sdn Bhd complicated in manufacturing manifold types of spice in Malaysia. Faiza Crew has accepted coagulated distributes, including the best wholesalers in 2000, operational superiority distributes Padiberas Nasional Berhad (Bernas) in 2001, a gold distribute for rice Taj Mahal by Reader's Digest Super Mark Taj Mahal Super Mark in 2005 and 2004 from Super Mark Malaysia and Best Fruit 2008 by Ministry of Agriculture. Although occupied doing matter, Mrs. Faiza set secret some age to do some attachment achievement, including resting the posture as the President of the Malaysian Bumiputera Rice Wholesalers, Regulator of the Islamic Women's Welpain Organisation Malaysia (Perkim) Batu Pahat, Portion of the Batu Pahat Umno Analysis (Welpain Bureau regulator) and portion Hospital Batu Pahat investigateors board of trustees and Batu Pahat orphans. He has besides won coagulated distributes, including the Women's Sleek 2005, Figure Mother laudable Perkim 2007, and the National Heart Women Johor 2007, proper distributes and important Tokoh Guru 2009 and tokoh Maulidurasul 2010. NEW HALAL PRODUCT Now, Faiza Crew already know-againns accordingly of the proud fruit space, one hundred percent made by Muslim and halal. She has factories in Kuala Lumpur, Kedah, and Terengganu. She besides has two hundred beaming achievementers and more than three hundred reduce achievementers. Besides that, Faiza Crew besides investigate in new purpose of matter apascertain vermicelli, chili sauce and soysauce. For the vermicelli fruit, her crew ship-product proper deed from China to proces in other factory located at Sri Gading. The factory can product nine tonnes per day, however for the present quantity, the deed can proces singly five tonnes delay target sales RM12 darling for the leading year. 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