Compare and Contrast The war in Afghanistan is a constant focus for debate. There are those who believe that the United States is still doing a worthy effort in Afghanistan and that it is essential for the U. S. to keep a military presence there. On the other hand, there are the people that believe […]

Why Canadians Should Leave Afghanistan

By on December 23rd, 2020 in Afghanistan


since February 2002, approximately 15, 000 Canadian soldiers have served in Afghanistan. 78 Canadian Forces (CF) casualties have occurred, including one diplomat. The role of the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan is often debated. Many disagree with the mission and want the CF to leave Afghanistan now. Doing this however would only be failing the Canadian […]

ALFONSO OTERO MIRELES 938394 FOREING POLICY George W. Bush during Afghanistan’s War on Terror POLITICAL ANALYSIS BASED ON DONNA H. KERR The term War on Terror refers to an ongoing, worldwide campaign against terrorism led by the United States and supported by several other countries, most notoriously England and members of NATO. The term was […]

Chapter 1: Introduction Organisations operate in a variety of arenas and contexts. They have to work within a broader economic framework, operate in accordance to political demands and legal structures, and deal with other technological and infrastructural realities. The wider social and cultural context also impacts the operations of any organisation. Prevailing values, traditions and […]