Jorge Luis Borges: the Blind Man

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Tyreak Kellem Hipic Literature- Spring Semester, 2013 Narrative Exam Horacio Xaubet Narrative Exam I I. Jorge Luis Borges: (a. ) “… in every story the protagonists are thousands, visible and invisible, living and dead. ” The protagonist is the leading character of a story, novel or any literary work. A protagonist is also defined in […]

A Blind Man Leads the Way

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A Blind Man Leads the Way “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver, describes a couple who is awaiting the arrival of the wife’s blind friend, Robert. The husband is not too fond of a blind man staying in their house and is judgmental about meeting him. It’s not until the family sits down to watch t. v. […]

Thou Blind Mans Mark

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Life leads us to excessive wishes that often result in a man’s downfall. Sir Philip Sidney in the passionate “Thou Blind Man’s Mark” portrays his hypocrisy towards desire and shows how it influenced to their downfall and destruction. In his sonnet, Sidney uses metaphor, alliteration, repetition and personification to convey his feelings for desire. Throughout […]