Why Hemp Prduction Should Be Legal in the Us

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Uses of Hemp and its Potential Contributions to the United States Hemp is a crop that has been used for many things for many years. The fibers are used for things such as clothes, construction materials, paper, carpet, oil, food, cosmetics, food, and many other things. The hemp industry has been around for as long […]

Effetcs of methemphetamine use

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Section A: Background (300- 400 words using formal, referenced, academic writing) What is your enquiry question about? This enquiry question seeks to uncover the relationship between methamphetamine (MA) use and the influence it has over criminal behavior. MA affects the central nervous system by stimulating the dopamine and morphogenesis receptors in the brain to produce […]

Industrial Hemp

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Legalize Industrial Hemp General Purpose: To inform the class on why industrial hemp is illegal and the benefits of legalizing industrial hemp. Specific Purpose: To provide my audience with a better understanding of how useful industrial hemp could be for the economy. Central Idea: Due to the war on drugs, hemp production is severely limited; […]