Сase of Microsoft

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External factors are considered to be extrinsic to an organization, those over which it has limited or no control. These affect the industry in which the organization is operating. Such as the technological environment in the case of Microsoft which would affect the entire information technology sector. At the same time very powerful and leveraged […]

Microsoft Becoming a Monopoly

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Over the years of Microsoft’s tight grip in the field of digital and computer products and services, the company has been considered plotting a monopolizing scheme against other brands of the same field. Microsoft has evolved its powers to control the market and competition for Intel-compatible PC operating systems, which enable them to control supply, […]

Loser : Microsoft

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“Still, though Microsoft’s goals are good, it’s implementation needs work.” This was Philip E. Ross’s main point in his article “Loser: Microsoft to Spammers: Go Phish.” In the article, Ross discussed the two spam e-mail countermeasures developed separately by Microsoft and the partnership of Cisco and Yahoo. Although he admitted that the systems developed – […]

Benefits Microsoft

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Microsoft provides various types of family and parenting benefits to help its employees balance their professional and personal life more effectively. Eight weeks of paid maternity leave is provided to its female employees. In addition, new mothers, fathers and adoptive parents may take up to four weeks of paid parental leave. Even they can apply […]

Microsoft frontpage

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HTML is a technology which is used for creating web pages and linking all the pages to make a complete website. It provides facilities to embed tags to format and design text, images and other multimedia elements into a webpage. . All these combined web pages are hosted to the internet and is registered under […]

Microsoft Exchange Server Technologies

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Business in today’s world have been evolving with pace, so are their communication platforms. E-mail has been widely used in communicating between staff members. As emails are fast and quick to send the numbers of emails sent in an organization is enormous, so handling so many emails have been difficult for businesses. Employees also look […]

Microsoft’s Office

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The software we propose to use in our organization is Microsoft’s Office Communicator 2007. Besides web conferencing, its applications include instant messaging, voice messaging, desktop and file sharing and video. The integration with other Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Share Point, etc. ) would give us many different ways to communicate directly from […]

Microsoft Network Operating System

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RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT 3 IT221 Microsoft Network Operating System 1 1. a. Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) provides Web single-sign-on (SSO) technologies to authenticate a user to multiple Web applications using a single user account. AD FS accomplishes this by securely federating, or sharing, user identities and access rights, in the form of digital claims, […]

Microsoft recently announced its brand new which is getting everyone’s attention, and with it a whole new lineup of peripherals. However, the new  has caught our eye. The warped looking ergonomic keyboard is the company’s take on a more hand and wrist friendly typing experience. Connected via Bluetooth 4.0, the keyboard is broken up to […]

“Non-Compete Agreements in Action – Microsoft v. Google” Facts: •Controversial documents •Dr. Kai-Fu Lee joined Microsoft in 1998 to run company operations in China •Knowledge of company trade secrets •Quit Microsoft because he was moving to Google •When Lee was hired Microsoft made him sign a non-compete agreement •Microsoft sued Google and Lee over the […]