Change Management Strategies For ABC Company

Issues impacting ABC Company’s performance

Inadequate leadership and ineffective management are the causes of the worst deficits in the company.

Change management is highly important to businesses in performing their business in an efficient manner. The external environment condition is highly turbulent and requires efficient measures on the part of businesses to ensure that they efficiently address the external environment changes and requirements. An analysis of the given case of ABC indicates that the company is faced with the issue of deficits in relation to its performance and the major factors that are responsible for inefficient performance of ABC are inadequate leadership and ineffective management. There have been thousands of job losses being witnessed in respect to the company, and this financial problem has been an indication of the organisational failure. As a result, appropriate change management is needed in ensuring that ABC can be protected from failure, and there can be efficient overall management of the entire organisation that can be ensured. The businesses processes are essential to understand so that their role and contribution in achieving the organisational outcomes based on their goals and objectives can be possible. Apart from understanding the processes of ABC, it is essential to perform the development of plans so that operational performance improvement can be possible. It is not sufficient to implement plans, but their appropriate monitoring is also highly essential (Hiatt and Creasey, 2003).

This report is aimed at advising changes to ABC in respect to all the above identified areas so that the deficiency in its performance as faced by the company can be efficiently resolved. The major areas that would be considered as a part of analysis includes the identification of organisational processes, development of operational plan, and its monitoring, and finally, an assessment of the ways in which health and safety factors can be managed.

 The role of business processes is crucial in achieving desired outcomes by an organisation, and as a result, it is essential that the business processes should be maintained in an efficient way. The new business processes that are essential in ensuring that the problem at ABC is efficiently managed are analysed below:

Major Positions in Department: An analysis of ABC Company indicates that it is mainly the recruitment company which suggests that it accounts for providing recruitment services to its customers. As such, the major positions in the department could be HR manager, assistant HR managers, and different employees performing the clerical work such as CV check, managing new recruits etc. The HR manager is responsible for reporting to the senior level manager and this entire organisation’s division is briefly summarised as follows:

The above organisational chart clarifies that senior level manager account for monitoring HR manager whereby the HR managers are required to report their performance to senior level manager. The HR assistants and the employees at clerical level are required to report their performance to the senior level but the lack of managerial effectiveness has affected the overall performance of the organisation (Abramowicz, 2009).

Relationships between different functions and processes

Relationship between Different Functions and Processes: There are different functional areas that have been identified in respect to ABC and these important functional areas as identified are crucial from the point of view of providing the recruitment services by the company. There has been close relations between these different functional areas that are operational within organisation. As for instance, in providing recruiting services, the clients are generally provided by the marketing department because their effectiveness with which they promote the recruitment services of ABC leads to customers availing its services. The financial department is required to manage the payment terms and payroll for the employee in HR etc. This signifies that the work of each functional department is closely integrated with other, and their need to be higher level of coordination in achieving efficient delivery of recruitment services at ABC (Chang, 2005).

Key Aims and Objectives and Process Map: An analysis of the performance of ABC indicates that the main of the company has been to provide excellent quality of recruitment services so that increasing businesses would avail its services and help it in achieving higher level of growth. The objectives of ABC are listed as follows:

  • To provide all ranges of HR services related to recruitment and personnel development.
  • To provide assistance to companies in the form of outsourcing services for their HR department.
  • To ensure the delivery of high quality services in building customer relationships.
  • To look towards achieving repeat sales from satisfying customers.

Process mapping is a process involving the designing of a workflow diagram that helps in bringing clear understanding of the organisational processes. The process map for ABC with regard to HR department is indicated as follows:

This above process map in respect to HR department at ABC indicates the actual processes that are being performed in order to deliver high quality recruitment services to clients. In this way, the delivery of recruitment services to clients is being ensured at ABC Company (Madison, 2005).

Elements Needed in Building a Quality Gateway: An analysis of the case of ABC indicates that there are significant levels of problems that are evident in respect to the overall performance of the company. As a result, there can be significant level of elements that could be focused at ABC with a view to enhance the overall performance conditions of the company. As for instance, it is essential that there should be efficient leadership and management practices that should be carried out. In addition to this, another important element needed in building a quality gateway is mainly the development of stronger reputation of being the provider of quality recruitment services. This would ensure more clients to subscribe its services. There is also the need to focus towards making relationships because recruitment Services Company can achieve success by providing high quality services and through maintaining relations with them.

Operational Plans in Achieving Improvements

            The case analysis of ABC indicated that there have been operational problems that have been noted in respect to the company, and these problems have significantly affected its overall performance. The operational plan below is likely to ensure the positive level of improvements in its performance. The important aspects of operational plan are discussed as follows:

Plan for Promoting Goals and Objectives: The analysis of the goals and objectives of ABC indicates that the company aims at enhancing its reputation as being the provider of quality recruitment services, and this can be positively achieved through an effective operational plan. As a part of the operational plan, the first major initiative needed to be considered by ABC is mainly to ensure that the senior managers became highly committed to their roles and responsibilities. The HR manager must make it sure that they recruit highly talented and skilled HR professionals that can provide high quality recruitment services. The process for recruitment should be rigorous and it should have the potential to customise the processes that best suits its clients. This implies that streamlining organisational processes for recruitment is essential. In addition to this, the operational plan also necessitates performance based pay system so that commitment from each and every employee is ensured in providing quality services. And finally, as a part of operational plan, it is also highly essential that there should be commitment made towards establishing positive level of relations with the customers because it ensures repeat business from the customers in availing its services. These important areas as a part of the operational plan are essential from the point of view of promoting the goals and objectives of HR manager. These plans and policies as indicated are in compliance with legal, regulatory and ethical requirements (Tovey, Uren and Sheldon, 2010).

Identification of key aims and objectives and HR department process map

Alignment of People and Other Resources: For the purpose of achieving efficient organisational performance, it is essential to ensure the alignment of people and other important resources of the organisation. The recommendations in achieving alignment of people and other resources are indicated below:

  • It is recommended that employees should be provided with individual goals so as to achieve higher level of commitment from them.
  • They should be provided with complete training to operate efficiently over the technological equipments in providing recruitment services to their client.
  • It is also recommended that monitoring and review programs along with the management of relations with customers should be adequately emphasised to achieve better results.

These above indicated recommendations are likely to ensure better alignment of people and other resources, and ultimately contribute in a positive manner towards accomplishing organisational goals (Holbeche, 2012).

Implementation of Systems: Implementation of appropriate systems aimed at achieving the organisational objectives in a positive manner is essential. As ABC accounts for providing recruitment services, the most crucial system is the Human Resource Information System (HRIS). This is crucial in performing the management of HR related practices, and in managing the recruitment function, the role of HRIS is identified as highly important. Apart from this, management information system (MIS) is also highly crucial from the point of view of achieving proper management of organisational processes by the managers. There is already the lack of managerial effectiveness being identified in respect to ABC, and as a result, it is highly essential that the managers are provided with complete and timely information in making important decisions in leading organisation to higher level of success (Aswathappa, 2010).

Activities in Meeting out Operational Plan: The operational plan above has listed about various such initiatives that are aimed enhancing entire organisation’s performance. In achieving the goals as listed in operational plan, there are a range of work activities that are essential to be carried out. As for instance, commitment from senior level management must be ensured, and at the same time, efficient leader should be appointed in performing the organisational activities in a positive manner. In addition to this, work activities in the form of recruitment of employees should be carried out for other organisations so that the development of positive brand image can be ensured which in turn helps in reducing the financial losses as borne by the organisation (Aswathappa, 2010).

The monitoring of appropriate systems is essential in order to achieve improvement over organisational performance. This section of analysis is now focused towards different important aspects related to monitoring organisational performance in achieving higher level of success.

Systems Needed in Managing and Monitoring Quality Standards: As the delivery of quality services has been the core objective of ABC Company being noted. In order to ensure that this particular objective is positively accomplished, it is essential that there should be appropriate monitoring and management function that should be carried out so the requisite level of quality standards can be maintained. In ensuring the management of higher level of quality at ABC Company, the system needed is mainly the benchmarking systems whereby the best quality recruitment services providers need to be benchmarked. Their service effectiveness along with their strength points need to be benchmarked so that improvement over the delivery of recruitment services to customers can be achieved. In addition to this, there is a need for Total Quality Management (TQM) system at ABC in order to ensure that the requisite level of quality is maintained in the processes as carried out within the organisation (Oakland, 2003).

Elements needed in building a quality gateway

Quality Culture in Ensuring Continuous Monitoring: The cultural environment has a significant level of impact over the performance of organisational processes, and at ABC, a sound organisational culture that promotes efficiency is essential. The quality culture can be developed by managers being proactive and take active participation in the process of managing employees within organisation. In addition to this, there should be the recruitment of highly talented and efficient personnel that should be carried out so that employees are motivated within each other to contribute their maximum efforts. Apart from this, the monitoring of the quality factor can be ensured by way of hiring HR expertise that keep an eye over the performance of employees, and the better performer should be appreciated through monetary and non monetary benefits whereas the non-performers should be provided additional assistance in improving their performance (Carrel, 2010).

Recommendations in Aligning Organisational Objectives and Goals: The recommendations aimed at aligning organisational goals and objectives are indicated below:

  • At ABC, initially it is essential that the performance standards should be set for each and every employee.
  • Secondly, there should be communication of the organisational goals and objectives that should be performed to each and every employee within organisation.
  • Thirdly, the employees should be provided with training and development and additional assistance aimed at enhancing entire organisation’s performance.
  • Fourthly, the actual performance of employees should be tracked and they should be compared with the standards set for them.
  • Finally, there should be measures and actions that should be considered in order to ensure the enhancement over their overall performance (Fairfield-Sonn, 2001).

The most crucial element is mainly the development of standards which should be set in a manner that represent fairness factor whereby each individual employee is assigned with the tasks according to his/her calibre. In addition to this, appropriate motivational strategy aimed at encouraging higher efforts from employees is also an essential element.

Implication of Proposed Changes: These changes as proposed above have wider of implication over the organisation’s performance. There could be positive level of involvement of senior level management and at the same time, appropriate leadership could also be encouraged. In addition to this, there would be higher level of resistance on the part of employees from the changes that have been introduced as a part of change process as proposed above. There will be rise in the customers of ABC from the higher level of efficiency that could be achieved from all the changes as proposed. These are some of the implications from the changes as proposed.

It is also highly essential that there should be the management of health and safety factors that must be ensured, and the important aspects related to the management of health and safety at ABC is discussed as follows:

Risk Assessments as Required by Legislation, Regulation and Organisational Requirements: Risks are evident in respect to every kinds of business and this has also been evident in respect to ABC. However, an assessment of the risk is highly essential which can be carried out in a specific manner. As per the requirements of law and legislation, there should be the avoidance of discrimination on any ground while recruiting employees because discrimination is not permitted as per legislation and regulations. In addition to this, privacy of employees should also be adequately maintained especially in respect to the recruiting services company because they have accessibility to other’s employees’ data. Thus, risk assessments can be carried out by way of monitoring whether the policies and practices are in compliant with applicable legislation and regulation (Stranks, 2010).

Effective Application of Health and Safety Policies: The corrective application of health and safety regulations can be ensured at ABC by way of having appropriate policies and procedures in assessing the same. As ABC specialises in providing recruitment services, the health and safety factor is crucial and its effective application can be ensured by way of employing safety guards that can protect the employees working within the organisation (Hughes and Ferrett, 2013).

Operational plans to achieve improvements

Analysis of Organisational Health and Safety Regulations: The analysis of the health and safety regulations at ABC indicates the company has specific policies and procedures that ensure not only the safety of employees, but also the safety of the employees. The organisational health and safety regulations imply that it has policies which include safeguarding the interests of employees, providing health tips and measures for the employees in keeping them healthier, and it also has the policy of meeting out the legislations by constantly reviewing the applicable laws and regulations so that there is adequate level of compliance being achieved.

Application of Health and Safety Policies and Procedures at ABC: The analysis indicates that ABC has certain specific health and safety policies in operations. Their application can be performed in a positive manner by way of making all the employees aware about the health and safety policies of company and positively encouraging them in managing its implementation in a positive manner. The health and safety policy can be implemented efficiently through continuous involvement of risk managers in the process and their active role is essential in ensuring that successful application of health and safety policies and procedures is ensured within the organisation. In these ways, the application of health and safety can be ensured efficiently, and there can be higher level of standards in relation to health performance can be achieved (Stranks, 2010).


 In this report, a critical assessment has been carried out in relation to the problem faced by ABC and there are a range of strategies being provided in ensuring that the identified problems are efficiently addressed. As for instance, the performance of analysis of organisational processes has indicated that there are different positions in the department, and there has been positive level of relations being identified with different functional areas across ABC. The analysis of aims and objectives of ABC indicated that the organisation aims at providing quality recruitment services with a view to ensuring the delivery of quality recruitment services to its customers. In this relation, the operational plan has been assessed and the performance of analysis indicated that there is a need for appropriate operational plans being implemented at ABC which should be consistent with legal requirements. The active level of support from top managers and also the need for benchmarking the performance of superior service provider is essential. The monitoring of performance is also identified as essential which could be achieved through following a specific process. The analysis also indicated about the systems needed in maintaining higher quality levels, and also the necessary health and safety policies as applicable in respect to ABC.


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