Posted: November 23rd, 2022

cisco—need it in 4 hrs only!! Very simple if you know it

I need three separate files from the instructions in this lab. “VoicePrimerLab 5_30_14(2).docx” is the instructions. “lecture 9_29_14 demov4.7z” is an example, you will need a new blank file to create this LAB.

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cisco—need it in 4 hrs only!! Very simple if you know it
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First File is the left network set up correctly and able to call each of the two phones.


Second file is both networks connected correctly, but WAN is not set up and the two LANs cannot communicate. Both the right and left networks’ IP phones should be able to communicate within their LANs, but not over the WAN.


Third file will be the completed assignment, all phones able to call each other. There may also be some things I missed from instructions, all those requirements should be in this third file.

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