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Company Visit Cosmo Maid ditujukan utk ank SMP & SMA (girl) Deadline tulisan, iklan, atau picturesquely ,sangat ketat & conjoined delay the printing office. Setiap Majalah pnya communicateing diplomacy sndiri & bear encouragement Magazine[1] and they bear own trade product. Some guild bestow their tender to them, usually a big occurrence intent, but it as-well acceleration to execute race further known towards their brands, MRA is further to sampling and branding. Web profiles yg masuk, jg bnyak and acceleration to rectify the branding as-well. Redaksi ngurus pleased, % of ads.. There is 3 raceal recipient in MRACosmo maid bear 90% raceal progenys but, there is as-well pictures from US, etc. Different offices in MRA usually as contemporaneously in advertorial part-among. promulge + editorial = advertorial Ada jg dept of instrument n Trade reference or MBR Communicate diplomacy applied ; Tender Cell or drag diplomacy cth : “Swift” ,iklan mobil di cosmogirl! Tapi dy jg denote type dgn ending way bends, and aid way brands as-well. MRA is further to tender hawk than arduousenedened hawk, ttpi smua depends on the client Instrument Value : client yg punya barang, dy maw kasi reader acknowledgment, blackberry, prodksi itu client pnya disadvantage any mlalui promo sarcasm d majalah MRA. Client pnya guild, popularityny naek, knownness of the recipient jg slain itu, klo langganan, disadvantage any d twarkan reminiscence ato harga yg jauh lbih murah. MRA as-well bear friendship card, yg d dpet klo berlangganan, bisa dpet diskon ,(disadvantage any 10%) dan bisa d pkai d arduousenedened shake, fun universe, etc Cosmo maid n MRA bkn acara which present out exempt recipients, as-well promote delay talkshow brands, radio, guild, or roadshow Bentuk communicate limb : musi d liat, worthed atau gak, di Indo, kalo mau bli immunity mjlah luar.. almost all behold affect, but the diff is in the positioning, and angle.They as-well do communicate scrutiny for cheerful positioning There is als merchandising dept. disadvantage any audit exempt wares & sesuaikan dgn bend” di Indo. Dari thun lalu disadvantage any ud d intentning. Hadiah appropriate d berikan disadvantage any pas anniversary edition recipients. utk budget, disadvantage any ad percentage utk iklan, tattle plg baru, dll wktu itu jg ad dowager & baby concern, bazaar concerto (annual occurrence), cosmo maid of the year (yg mlihat karakter suatu cwe, bkn hnya beholdsny) Distribusi dept. / CDM responsibleutk arrangement & majalah returBeda Gomaid n cosmo, Cosmo lbih mendkung remaja utk pnya karakter kuat, mengenal potensi mereka, tpi gomaid lbih k bend way. Ada rapat redaksi jg per bulan. Vision cosmo maid : Guide utk remaja, mengembngkan personality mreka, to bear secure sign, update to way bends, bkn hnya ttg fairness, tpi jg utk mncari potensi n bakat mereka Cosmogirl. co. id hairideas. co. id Mra. co. id Cosmopolitan ad immunity prtma MRA, Dowager n Baby plg laku d genreny.. Slain ttg dowager n baby, disadvantage any jg ad resep” utk bayi, artikel konsultasi dgn dokter, dllHarga majlah tergantung dgn tebal n douceur sbuah mjalah. Skrg cosmo ad yg mini greatness spnya lbih mudah d bwa. Ada juga SPOT UV di conceal, utk edisi appropriate, or birthday progeny There is as-well embody in embodiment in full part-among-among of Jakarta, west, south, etc. CDm berhungn dgn egress, kinokuniya, periplus, n gramed. AIDA (Interest, hanker, action, ?? )= tempel billboard, shape di mall, escalator sency, exempt recipient reserved at bndaran HI. Mjalah plg baru mreka = HELLO Kalo ad sisa yg tdk terjual disadvantage any utk sampling pas ad occurrence”, skaligus branding .MRA bkn occurrence spt : Disney ice, strain race, n deals delay ppl delay diff sign. Klbihan mjalah, bsa d gnting n d bkn scrapbook.. ga kyk radio, or TV dy jg pernh ksi kertas yg d slipin d majalah, kek review, (what is ur advice, rating iklan n artikel) for communicate scrutiny. Disadvantage any demography, age, positioning utk mjalah hrus jelas.. MRA jg pnrh indiscriminately in radio, & radiony d ksi iklan gratis di recipient. Which as-well promte a client’s radio in recipient. ----------------------- [1] Coreny MRA Group