Oman Cement Company

Oman Bond Sodality ( SAOG ) was formed in 1978. Rusayl Bond labors was completed in 1983 delay an one-year solder bond evolution magnitude of 624,000 dozenss, of bond. In 1999 clinkering magnitude expanded to a sum of 1.2 darling dozenss per twelvemonth. The 2nd evolution continuity came on watercourse in mid 1998. Presently the sodality is laboring on overlay ramble the magnitude of labors signifier 1.26 MTS per twelvemonth to 1.70 MTS per twelvemonth by upgrading evolution continuity No. 1 and No. 2. The sodality installations are: 1- Computerized Fabrication Oman bond sham progress is to the liberal computerized. This avoids meaningant jeopardies in sham and needs hither labor vehemence. 2- Central Laboratory The Kind Guide is cheered by principal elaboration lab consisting of robotics, X-ray spectrometers, optical maser bit dimension analysers and computerized spontaneous belongingss proving equipment. 3- Kind Management System and Environmental Management System oman bond Kind Management System is in conformance delay the Kind Assurance Procedures of ISO 9001: 2000 dismissal. 4- Pollution Control. The Oman bond sodality produces abundant traces of bond which are: 1- Ordinary Portplace Cement: It is trace I Portplace bond. Its utilizations are abilityened consolidated edifices, Bridgess and railroad constructions. The ordinary amalgamation assuasives of this trace are: 55 % ( C3S ) , 19 % ( C2S ) , 10 % ( C3A ) , 7 % ( C4AF ) , 2.8 % MgO, 2.9 % ( SO3 ) , 1.0 % Ignition damage, and 1.0 % exempt CaO. 2- Sulphate Resistant Cement: It is trace V, is used where sulfate obstacle is of meaning. Its ordinary amalgamation assuasive is: 38 % ( C3S ) , 43 % ( C2S ) , 4 % ( C3A ) , 9 % ( C4AF ) , 1.9 % MgO, 1.8 % ( SO3 ) , 0.9 % Ignition damage, and 0.8 % exempt CaO. 3- Moderate sulfate resistant: It is trace II bond. This trace of bond can be used in constructions of large body, such as big wharfs, sluggish abutments, and sluggish fostering walls. Its exercise procure cut down air soften specially when the consolidated is suitable to hot provisions. Its ordinary amalgamations assuasive is: 51 % ( C3S ) , 24 % ( C2S ) , 6 % ( C3A ) , 11 % ( C4AF ) , 2.9 % MgO, 2.5 % ( SO3 ) , 0.8 % Ignition damage, and 1.0 % exempt CaO. 4- Oil Well Cement Oil amiable bond, used for oil Wellss grouting, normally made from Portplace bond cinder or from blended hydraulic bonds. It is used for bonding labor in the boring of oil Wellss where they are suitable to eminent airs and vehemence per item areas. Its ordinary amalgamation assuasive is: MgO: 6.0 % SO3: 3.0 % Damage On Ignition: 3.0 % C3S: 48 % -65 % C3A: 3.0 % Insoluble Residue: 0.75 % C4AF+2C3A: 24 % Production methods: There are immodest complexions to procure forth bond that Oman bond utilizing which are: 1- Preparation of the spontaneous substance at preies 2- Heating and chilling to procure forth cinder 3- Preparation of the bond 4- Bond wadding Procedure description: 1- Preparation substance at preies The spontaneous substance contains of limestone ( 80 % of spontaneous substance ) , silica, aluminate and Fe ore. The preies located encircling the Oman bond labors. At preies the spontaneous substances are extracted delay sluggish equipments. Then the limestones are crushed delay journeyling crushers conjoined delay crave conveyor enclose to rapture them to storage go throughing the car lab to separation the samples delay x-ray each two hours. After that the spontaneous substance are moved to reservoirs. Then they are moved delay conveyer enclose to the completely factory to crunch the spontaneous substances. Finally the crunching spontaneous substances are moved to compromise reservoirs to attain fair compromise antecedently fed them to kiln. 2- Heating and chilling to procure forth cinder The spontaneous substances are moved to impart, where ebullition remodel is occurred betwixt these substance and the encouragement hot gases from kiln, so the substances are disjoined from the gases. After that the substance moved to calciner where the limestone is converted to calcium oxide, and so the calcined substances arefed to the kiln where the air environing 1400 rank Celsius and so go forth from kiln to attain cinder. Then the cinder leaves from kiln to air to cut down its air to 100 rank Celsiuss to be disposed to be moved to bond factory. Kiln progress 3- Preparation of bond The cinder that came out of the ice chest procure be raptureed by the pail connection conveyer to the silo. The bag refine on the top of the silo is dimensiond for the eating by the pail connection conveyer and thermic air expansion in the storage. The cinder extracted from the silo is raptureed by enclose conveyers to the bond proportioning. The gypsum is pretended to the cinder. Then the regular substances are conveyed via enclose conveyer to bond crunching. Materials place by sphere factory are raptureed centrifuge by pail erect. The abusive bits disjoined come-back to sphere factory for regrinding timeliness the all fit stock is calm by the bag refine following the centrifuge and so conveyed to bond silo delay an air slide and pail erect. Bond silos is used to hive afar the bond. Cement factory 4-Cement wadding The bond from nativity systems below the bond silo is delivered to the buffer bin by air slide and the pail erect and vibrating curtain, antecedently nature fed into each bagger. The bagged bond can be loaded rectistraightforward or stored in magazine temporarily. Machinery and Equipments: No. Designate map 1 Limestone Crusher used in shake booty to burden limestone 2 Clay crusher used in shake booty to burden clay 3 Limestone Stacker Used to journey limestone to preblending reserve 4 Limestone reclaimer Used to select preblended compromise from preblending reserve 5 Coal and Fe ore Crusher Used to burden continuityar substances 6 Coal and Fe ore Stacker Used to journey Fe ore to conveyor enclose so to proportioning standing 7 Coal & A ; Fe ore reclaimer Used for repossessing all continuityar substances and coal 8 Raw factory used for spontaneous substances crunching and drying 9 Raw factory fan Used to set the factory cavity air. 10 Preheater fan used to dry the spontaneous substances 11 Preheater and precalciner Preheater used for preheating and inequitable decarbonation, and precalciner for calcination 12 Rotary kiln used to educate spontaneous substances to a eminent air 13 Grate ice chest Used for slaking 14 Bond factory Used to crunch bond 15 Bag refine Used to flatten up dust 16 Coal factory Used for coal drying 17 Bulk stevedore for exchange Used to lade the meaningantity 18 Bond bagger Used to herd bond stock Quality guide system: The kind guide exception in the Oman bond sodality map is to inspect stock kind in full complexion of evolution get downing delay haul ramble the limestone from the booty plow the complexion of bond Millss, by entrance samples and separation them. 1- The computing agent and x-ray separation: The mechanization lab consists of automaton, x-ray spectrometers, optical maser bit dimension analyser and computerized spontaneous belongingss. The samples procure be selectn by an unimpassioned sampling standing from a object betwixt the completely factory and homogenising silo and so raptureed manually to the principal car lab, where it procure be semi-automatically speedy and sent to an X-Ray analyser. The consequences analyzed procure be sent to a proportioning computing agent. The computing agent procure rush the affinity of spontaneous substances and nearestforward out the set treasure to true feeder congruous to the chemical assuasives and spontaneous fare endowment required. 2- Spontaneous separation: To test the choiceness, coherence, puting prune, ability, inequitable subverter, ebullition of hydration and damage on ignition of the bond to perfect the American inequitableations call-for. Care rule: The exception maps are: -Checking all agentry and equipments are labor decently. -Scheduling and be aftering for regulative thrift, sign thrift. - Coordinating delay all exceptions for day-to-day job. - Planning, organizing of regulative and breakdown activities for perfecting eminent labors handiness to run into evolution trace. The rule that the Oman bond follows in case of displacement, regulative and bardown thrift are: 1. Breakdown thrift In case of any breakdown thrift in the evolution exception, they concede notice sing the displacement to the thrift exception, and thrift laborers are sent to the evolution labors to recover agent insufficiencys. 2. Preventive thrift here, a squad of thrift laborers is sent rectistraightforward to the evolution laborss to appear into out whether there is any insufficiency in the agentry or non. 3. Shutdown thrift When the labors is bar down the employees in the evolution exception sent a testimonials to the thrift exception and coherent stairss are selectn by thrift exception to labor out the insufficiencys. The labors blank wall occurs full 6 month in March and September. The progress of detached and monitoring evolution continuitys and agents straightway, so they can guard the insufficiency and damage of the agents and equipments to rectify them or restore them. Technical nearestforwardion The well-qualified nearestforwardion responsibility is to supervise all the habitual, electrical things and conduct the selected equipments and fullthing that akin to means-of-support rule, and this nearestforwardion disconnected in abundant divergences: a- The agent divergence The responsibility of this divergence is appoint emergency and planning agenda and perform it to all the equipments and illustrate it to designate the rare insufficiency and recess it. Inspect the agentry, cheque delay drawings and inequitableations and redemption. It continuitys delay abundance divergence to afford the needed replacing accommodation and to-boot continuitys delay other divergences to conduct the equipments at the laborshop. At the laborabundance they fix the equipments in emergency provisions, appear into the equipments if they labor decently and routinely, selects thrift the equipments and aid to cleanlyly them. B ) The agent action divergence The responsibility of this divergence molding the replacing accommodation, perform an appoint delayout the sodality to attain new accommodation, lathe the agent accommodation the required the laborshops. rank Celsius ) The instant agent thrift divergence The responsibility of this divergence is to appear into and recover the evolution continuitys. vitamin D ) The electrical divergence The electricity exception is obligatory to rectify and answer-for the perpetuation of the labor of all electrical and electronic equipment and nicety instruments on the evolution continuity and to-boot inspects continuity delay other divergences to that the electricity laboring decently.