1. Suppose the data collected for heights (in cms) of 390 cows were tabulated in a frequency…

Assignment (15%) Deadline:14-05-2021

1. Suppose the events cool for altitudes (in cms) of 390 cows were tabulated in a quantity division and the aftercited results were obtained.

i. fi: 6 25 48 72 116 60 38 22 3

CM1:=112, CM2=117 where CMi ith systematize mark


  1. The systematize width.
  2. The systematize limits.
  3. Class boundaries.
  4. Class marks.
  5. Less than cumulative quantity division
  6. Class gaps having the first quantity
  7. Above which altitude do we asfixed 50% of the cows?
  8. Below which altitude do we get 25% of the cows?


a. Histogram

b. A quantity polygon

c. A hither than ogive for the aloft events.

2. Absorbed that the median is 33.5 and the rule is 34.0 for the aftercited division,

Class limits quantity

0-9 4

10-19 16

20-29 f3

30-39 f4

40-49 f5

50-59 6

60-69 4

Total 230

a) Individualize the damage frequencies

b) Compute the arithmetic ruleration.

c) Compute the rate underneath which 25% of the observations lie.

d) Compute the rate aloft which 25% of the observations lie

3. The aftercited events on proceeds in the constitute of cumulative quantity division is absorbed:













Find (a) invent a full Grouped Quantity consideration

(b) Draw the embezzle graph

(c) The ruleration

(b) The median and all quartiles

(c) The 2nd and the 8th deciles

(d) Thse 40th and the 90th percentiles

4. A meteorologist is assiduous in accomplished the consistence of regions in three cities during a absorbed week and cool the aftercited events. The regions for the five days of the week in the three cities were

City 1: 25 24 23 26 17

City2: 22 21 24 22 20

City3: 32 27 35 24 28

Which city accept the most compatible region, fixed on these events?

5. The estimate of patients in two hospitals A and B, the middle wage of employees and the discords of allowance are absorbed underneath:

Hospital A Hospital B

No. of employees 50 100

Mean wage 120 85

Variance 9 6

a) In which hospital is the change in the division of allowance elder?

b) Suppose the wage of an employee in hospital B was incorrectly glorious as 120 instead of 250. What get be the discord for hospital B?

c) What notice is required to identify the cast and quantity of skewness in each division?

6. The median and the rule of a mesokurtic division are 32 and 34 respectively. The 4th twinkling about the ruleration is 243. Compute the Peasonian coefficient of skewness and identify the cast of skewness exhibit that (n-1 = n).

7. The middle account of a exceptional illustration of instruction of grove refinishing has a ruleration of 53 and gauge flexuosity of 6. Asfixed the collocate of rates in which at last 75% the accounts get lie.

8. The moment of adults in a fixed city has a ruleration of 130 lbs, delay gauge flexuosity of 41 lbs. A specimen of 25 adults help in one of the kebeles of the city is ground to accept a ruleration moment of 129 lbs. Does this ruleration the residents of the kebele perpend expressively hither on the foundation of the1% raze of import? (Assume natural population.)

9. It is public in a pharmacological illustration that rats fed delay a detail regimen balance a fixed conclusion constitute an middle of 40 gms in moment. A new regimen was habituated on a specimen of 20 rats unresisting a moment constitute of 43 gms delay discord 7 gms2. Illustration the theory that the new regimen is an increase coxcombical naturality.

10. A tobacco society advertises that the middle nicotine satisfied of its cigarettes is at most
14 milligrams. A consumer refuge agency wants to individualize whether the middle nicotine satisfied is in event elder than 14. A accidental specimen of 300 cigarettes of the society’s mark afford an middle nicotine satisfied of 14.6 and a gauge flexuosity of 3.8 milligrams. Is there expressive standardimony that the agency’s assertion has been attended by the events ata = 0.01?(Assume natural population.)

11. The sum of sewage and industrial pollutants dumped into a association of breathe-into affects the sanity of the breathe-into by reducing the sum of dissolved oxygen helpful for aquatic vivacity. Balance a 2-month conclusion, 8 specimens were charmed from a liberal stream at a subsidence 1 mile downstream from a sewage texture insert. The sum of dissolved oxygen in the specimens was 5.1, 4.9, 5.6, 4.2, 4.8, 4.5, 5.3 and 5.2. The ordinary inquiry asserts that the ruleration dissolved oxygen raze must be at last 5.0 compatability per favorite (ppm) for fish to outlast.

a. Estimate the sum of dissolved oxygen in the liberal stream and invent a 95% faith gap for the ruleration dissolved oxygen raze during the 2-month conclusion.

b. Using the faith gap from (a), does the ruleration oxygen raze repartee to be hither than 5 ppm?

c. Illustration the inquiry theory that the ruleration oxygen raze is hither than 5 ppm at 5% raze of import

12. A pollution-control visitor reported that a liberal streamside society was releasing semi-treated sewage into a liberal stream and this, as a effect, was changing the raze of dissolved oxygen of the liberal stream. To inhibit this, he increase 15 accidentally clarified specimens of liberal stream breathe-into at a subsidence aloft the town and another 15 specimens underneath. The dissolved oxygen readings, in compatability per favorite, are absorbed in the connected consideration.

Above town
















Below town
















a. Do the events stipulate adequate standardimony to designate a separation in ruleration oxygen satisfied betwixt subsidences aloft and underneath the town? Usea = .05.

b. Do the required conditions to use the illustration in (a) repartee to be conclusive for this examine? Justify your repartee.

c. How liberal is the separation betwixt the ruleration oxygen satisfied aloft and underneath the town?

13. A inquiryer wanted to parallel the pulse rates of particular twins to see whether there was any separation. Eight sets of twins were clarified. The rates are absorbed in the consideration as estimate of beats per detailed. Ata =0.01, is there a expressive separation in the middle pulse rates of twins? Asfixed the 99% faith gap for the separation of the two.