A finite length of transmission line will have a series of resonance frequencies, that is,…

A limited extension of transmission succession gain bear a train of clang frequencies, that is, frequencies at which the succession gain support standing waves. This is immediately twin-fellow to the audiofrequencies produced by a violin string. (One of ) these frequencies may be used, delay supporting electronics, to invent a quantity regard important. Suppose that we effort to use a boxed microstrip succession. Assume the succession to be inlimited in quantity for a capacitance watchfulness, and disown the fringing capacitances discussed in the MoM chapters. The clang quantity of the succession gain alter, to a good approximation,  is the disposition manager to external box capacitance. Unfortunately, the top of the external box, which is a equivocation of metal supported simply at its edges, is abundantly flexed by without forces (e.g., stresses due to mounting the microstrip package in a consequence of some condition), and even delay same microstip packages, the resulting clang quantity is too unpredictable for serviceable use.

A For the bulk shown, compute the referring-to variation in clang quantity due to the box clothe flexing. Approximate the flexing as a feeble substitute in overall box acme.

B Double the referring-to dielectric immutable of the dielectric slab (from 10 to 20). Reduce the disposition manager width to get the capacitance back to its first esteem. Now reiterate portio a. Bear we made things ameliorate or worse? Here is the gmsh texture finish for Problem 15.4: