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1) A consulting corporation that provides software and services touching to interest instruction and analytics has a library of customer consummation stories on its website at HYPERLINK "" Select and recognize one of the consummation stories touching to Activity-Based Management. Summarize the consummation incident, and recount the ideas of the proviso to what you keep read this week in this route. 2) The Aver of Rhode Island publishes its budget and the supported knowledge at HYPERLINK "" Access the budget and rejoinder the following: What are the duties of the budget duty? (Hint: Use the Primer integrate.) What are the six governmental functions listed in the budget? What are the elder sources of Rhode Island's revenues? What is the accounting reason used in the provision of the budget? (Hint: Use the Primer integrate and scroll down until you see the Budget Reason individuality.) The budget mentions lewd categories of program enterprise measures. List them, and little depict how they are used in Rhode Island. (Hint: Use the Primer integrate and scroll down until you see the Program Enterprise Measures individuality.) What did you gather from reviewing the most new budget of the Aver of Rhode Island? What do you judge the biggest challenges are when it comes to preparing their budget? Summary of notes from recognizeings “activity inveterate absorbing” Traditional absorb accounting methods support from different defects that can conclusion in aslant absorbs for decision-making purposes. All manufacturing absorbs—even those that are not caused by any restricted product—are allocated to products. Nonmanufacturing absorbs that are caused by products are not assigned to products. And finally, transmitted methods keep to settle too abundant confidence on unit-level allocation bases such as trodden drudge and machine-hours. This conclusions in overcosting...