Agumentive essay on overcrowded prisons……….

Using material from your earlier individual project (thesis statement, outline and references), write a polished first draft of an argument essay. Your submission should follow the guidelines discussed below.
Format your project in APA manuscript style in the following order:
Title Page
References list
Write the essay using the argument pattern of development: claim (thesis), supporting reasons, and evidence.
Write the essay using a formal tone and style, which avoids the use of personal pronouns (you, I, me, or we).
To support your thesis statement and supporting reasoning, cite evidence (facts, statistics, and expert viewpoints) from a minimum of five (5) sources from the AIU Library databases in the text of your essay with in-text citation and include corresponding reference citations in your reference list. This is not optional; you must use sources to support your thesis statement.
Please submit your assignment.

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Agumentive essay on overcrowded prisons……….
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Document Preview:

Unit 2 – Using Ideas From Others
October 19, 2008
Overcrowded prisons is increasing the number of diseases, violence behavior and suicide. for this reason correction facilities are educating inmates and helping the prisoners get their life back and get them ready to continue a healthy life after leaving the prison.
The confinement institutions offer programs that assist inmates with rehabilitation to improve the inmate’s way of life when they are free from their imprisonment. Official groups have acknowledge that overcrowding has become an enormous problem and is required of great attention. The official panel has recommended decreasing the amount of inmates with a strategy that has been confirmed to improve and rehabilitate inmates to prevent them from turning back to their previous conduct of crime. When an inmate recovers with the help of the program offered the inmates then has the control to manage their lives once they have been released from prison (Sterngold, 2008). The different programs presented will prevent the inmates from the lapse into illegal actions which sequentially will prevent the overcrowding of prisons.
The health situation in prisons is shocking; the majority of inmates that go into a prison hold a disorder. The correction facilities carry out unhealthy stmosphere as well as the inmates who are extremely weak when they enter the facility. The frequent and major worries in prison are mental health, self harm, substance and alcohol abuse. Mental health disorders are the highest in prisons than those out in the neighborhood. An approximate up to 80% of new inmates will test positive to an indication of drugs. The drug users are more vulnerable to hurt themselves and commit suicide (
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