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An test was conducted to particularize manner convective heat-transfer Example 4.25 coeffi cient for peas substance frozen in an air-blast freezer. For this aim, a metal analog of peas was used. The analog was a solid copper circle delay a crossing of 1 cm. A paltry recess was bored to the center of the copper circle, and a thermocouple attachment was located at the center using a high-conductivity epoxy. The density of copper is 8954 kg/ m3 , and its biased ardor is 3830 J/(kg K). The copper circle (at a alike initial sphere of 10°C) was hung in the pathwayway of air issue (at- 40°C) and the center sphere implied by the thermocouple was chronicled. The aftercited table lists the sphere at one-minute intervals for 14 minutes. Particularize the manner ardor-transfer coeffi cient from these axioms.