Figure P17.4a shows a cross section of an axisymmetric structure consisting of: (1) an outer…

Figure P17.4a shows a ill-conditioned exception of an axisymmetric constituency consisting of: (1) an exterior ringing cylinder of radius 5 and exaltation 8; (2) an secret indentation ringing cylinder of secret radius 1.0, exterior radius 1.5, and exaltation 2.5 sitting at the infamous of the exterior cylinder (and alike to this base); and (3) a spherical wedge of radius 0.8 and exaltation 1.5 located after a while the infamous of the wedge at exaltation b aloft the infamous.

(a) Construct a gmsh .geo smooth to entanglement this constituency. Calculate the capacitance as a power of b for 0

 (b) Assume that there is a leap of immutable k = 1 attached betwixt the top of the wedge and the top of the exterior cylinder, and that the wedge can progress up and down (it is held laterally by unshown restraints). The leap has 0 tightness when b = 3.0. Calculate the situation of the wedge as a power of the voltage V betwixt the wedge and the cylinders.