FIN610 Week 5 Problems 1 and 2

Please complete problems 1 and 2. I have attached the formula for the assignment.

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FIN610 Week 5 Problems 1 and 2
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Problem 3
Problem 2
Problem 1
Annual investment opportunity cost rate, k
Numbers of days saved
Required reserve rate, rr
Wire transfer cost
EDT cost
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Module Five Homework Assignment
Problem 1 (from Chapter 10)
Problem 2 (from Chapter 10)
Problem 3 (from Chapter 10)
A financial manager is attempting to decide whether to use EDT or wire transfer but must first calculate the minimum balance to transfer. Using the data provided below, calculate the TBAL.
Now, let’s assume that the bank’s ECR = 0 in Problem 1.Using the data in Problem 1 (listed below) recalculate the TBAL. Using the ECRof 0 will result in the break-even balance for TBAL.
Bank’s earnings credit rate, ecr
Bank’s earnings credit rate, ecr
What factors determine how frequently transfers should be made from a deposit account to a concentration account? Find a minimum of one peered reviewed article form a financial journal in the SNHU Online Library to support your answer. Your response should be between 100-150 words in length. Remember to list your references in the reference section of this worksheet and properly cite them in accordance to APA citation requirements.
We use concentration accounts for the transfer of funds in private banking, trust accounts, custody accounts and international transcations between parties. The deposit account is used for the aggregate funds from multiple locations into one account that’s centralized. A factor in transfers is money laundering because of the risk that’s involved when money is being wired from one account to another. If the persons information such as name and amount is seperate then when an audit is preformed there is no tracking. I work at BNY Mellon and we use use concentration accounts and we implement adequate policies, procedures, and processes covering the operation and recordkeeping for these accounts. Policies should establish guidelines to identify, measure, monitor, and…

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