I am aplying for an internship job at a hedge fund readearch and advisory firm….

I am aplying for an internship job at a hedge fund readearch and advisory firm. I am supposed to write a self promotion for an application. I have written and need a proof reading for that. PLease find my self promotion in the attachment and correct any mistakes (and give me some feedbacks and advices).

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I am aplying for an internship job at a hedge fund readearch and advisory firm….
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Document Preview:

Self Promotion
Company: Aksia

I strive for accuracy and perseverance in my work.
While I was in College, I worked as a student assistant under the director, Ms. D, at X College International Office. I was recognized as a team player, quick learner, observer, hard worker, and self-motivated individual, with leadership skills, professionalism, and commitment to excellence. Furthermore, I earned a reputation for possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and being able to develop and establish strategic relationships with associates and clients at various levels. Concretely, as I worked, there were many opportunities of counseling students who experienced a study abroad as well as who are interested in our international programs for their future. So I started a project independently to make reports that contains interviews and collected data from returned students from their study abroad. Since it enabled to provide much more information, I was praised for the project.
The followings are my developmental skills;
Resourceful and well-organized; skilled in activity planning, task management and project follow through
Keen sense of responsibility; solid professional standards, excellent track record of dependability
Communications; motivate team members to achieve goals, resolve interpersonal conflicts, create positive learning environment. Proven effective written and oral communications including ability to address large groups
Problem solver; respond rapidly and appropriately to changing circumstances. Evaluate problems, make astute decisions to effect positive change, and refocus on new priorities
My key strength is initiating and implementing strategies to turn departments around into profit machines. This process starts with building rapport with co-workers and colleagues, motivating others to exceed expectations, and delivering the extra effort necessary to achieve company goals.
My goal is to help you meet your overall…


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