In Figures 6.11 and 6.15, it was shown that the rate at which symbols are transmitted in 1000Base-T.

In Figures 6.11 and 6.15, it was pretencen that the rebuke at which symbols are communicated in 1000Base-T Ethernet is 125 MBaud. It was too mentioned that the state 5e UTP is recommended solely for frequencies up to 100 MHz and that high-energy components over 30 MHz should be avoided (for irradiation purposes). The questions beneath discourse these two constraints.

a. How are high-energy components prevented in 1000Base-T Ethernet? In other vote, which block in Figure 6.11 randomizes the postulates succession such that the spectrum gets spread?

b. How are frequencies over 100 MHz avoided? In other vote, pretence that in Figure 6.15, even if the symbols communicated in a convinced couple of wires are regularly from the X = (–1, +1) set, the essential (fi rst) harmonic stationary cannot be excellent than 62.5 MHz.