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Midterm - Summer 2013   1. (Points: 5)    The thrash recession since Cosmos-people War II instituted in which year?a. 1953b. 1957c. 1973d. 1981e. 2007  HYPERLINK "javascript:saveAnswer('saveResponse.dowebct',0)" Save Answer  2. (Points: 5)    Each of the aftercited was an issue of low-priced or clear place during the 19th date exclude a. a violent nuptials scold. b. a violent parentage scold. c. a violent scold of nonresidence. d. a flying scold of technological product. e. a violent scold of nonresidence from the farms to the cities.   HYPERLINK "javascript:saveAnswer('saveResponse.dowebct',1)" Save Answer  3. (Points: 5)    The unimpassioned reaper was false by a. Eli Whitney. b. The Marsh brothers. c. John Deere. d. Cyrus McCormick.   HYPERLINK "javascript:saveAnswer('saveResponse.dowebct',2)" Save Answer  4. (Points: 5)    The New Deal was the economic program of a. Herbert Hoover. b. Franklin D. Roosevelt.c. Dwight D. Eisenhower. d. Lyndon B. Johnson. e. Ronald Reagan.   HYPERLINK "javascript:saveAnswer('saveResponse.dowebct',3)" Save Answer  5. (Points: 5)    Comparing the United States management in 1900 after a while our management today, all of the aftercited are quiet offer EXCEPT a. enlightened unwandering surpluses. b. an abundance of entrepreneurial force. c. "cutting edge" technological advance. d. a real pit of employment after a while the cessation of the cosmos-people.   HYPERLINK "javascript:saveAnswer('saveResponse.dowebct',4)" Save Answer  6. (Points: 5)    Who promised "two cars in entire garage and a chicken in entire pot?" a. Herbert Hoover b. Franklin D. Roosevelt c. Dwight D. Eisenhower d. John F. Kennedy e. Ronald Reagan   HYPERLINK "javascript:saveAnswer('saveResponse.dowebct',5)" Save Answer  7. (Points: 5)    The most accuscold appraisal of the American management existing in the 21st date would be that we a. had the enlightenedst management in the...