Potato fl akes (moisture content = 75% wet basis) are being dried in a concurrent flow drier. The…

Potato fl akes (dampness willingeded = 75% wet plea) are being dried in a compatible issue drier. The dampness willingeded of the air penetrateing the drier is 0.08 kg of infiltadmonish per 1 kg dry air. The dampness willingeded of air leaving the drier is 0.18 kg infiltadmonish per 1 kg of dry air. The air issue admonish in the drier is 100 kg dry air per hour. As shown in Figure E1.7 , 50 kg of wet potato fl akes penetblame the drier per hour. At uniform particularize, compute the following:

a. What is the heap issue admonish of “ dried potatoes ” ?

b. What is the dampness willinged, dry plea, of “ dried potatoes ” exiting the drier?