Project in International Finance

I have a Project in International Finance. It involves currency exchange etc.

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Project in International Finance
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It is a Masters level class therefore need to be perfectly done. This accounts for 70% of my overall grade on class.

Please go through assignment details given in attached PDF file.

I want it by 27th Dec, 2013.

It is word limit 3,000

Please check it very very very carefully and contact only if you are 100% sure to do it perfectly. Once you are ready then I will provide you with dates and currencies that would be used to do the assignment.

Document Preview:

1 | P a g e A s s e s s m e n t B r i e f i n g f o r S t u d e n t s UWBS038g Assessment Briefing for Students Assessment brief number (and title where applicable): Module leader: Seng Kiong, Kok email address: Academic Year: 2013 /14 PGB1 Module assessment detail (approved at validation as amended by module modification) Module code & title 7FC002 International Finance Module Learning outcomes: Tick (v) if tested here LO1 Critical evaluation of International Financial Markets LO2 Critical evaluation and application of International Financial Instruments ü? LO3 Critical evaluation and application of International Financial strategies ü? LO4 Assessment types Weightings (%) Group Report and Oral Presentation 30 Individual Report 70 ü? Assessment type, weighting and LOs tested by this assessment indicated in the shaded area above by a v Important requirements Mode of Working: Individual Presentation Format: Report Method of Submission: Paper Submission to MX student Office Mark required to pass this coursework: 50%/(Complete following detail) Hand in date & time Monday 13th January 2014 @16:00 Date & method by which you will receive feedback Via WOLF and E-Vision Resit/retrieval date PG Block 3 Assessment limits (in accordance with UWBS assessment tariff) No more than: 3000 words, excluding appendices Do clearly state your student number when submitting work but do not indicate your name. Always keep a copy of your work. Always keep a file of working papers (containing, for instance, working notes, copied journal article and early drafts of your work, etc.) that show the development of your work and the sources you have used. You may need to show this to tutor at some point so notes should be clear and written in English. This is an important requirement. There may be circumstances where it is difficult to arrive at a mark for your work. If this is so you may be asked to submit your file within 3 working days and possibly meet with your tutor to…


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