Romeo & Juliet 1 answer below »

I need some help with Romeo and Juliet. Could someone please help me out with the attached file. URGENT PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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Romeo & Juliet 1 answer below »
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5) What part does the nurse play in Romeo and Juliet’s schemes?
6) Whom is Romeo talking to in his aside in scene 2, line 37! Why is this aside effective?
7) This play in general and the balcony scene in particular are greatly admired for the beauty of the poetry. Pick one passage in Act II that especially appeals to you, and explain the poetic and literary devices involved. Is there rhyme, rhythm, or alliteration? What do the figures of speech mean? What senses do the images appeal to?
8) The nurse is one of Shakespeare’s great comic characters. Do you think the nurse is a principled character, a person with a strong sense of right and wrong? Or does she seem to be easily corrupted, someone who will do whatever people want her to do? Find passages to support your answer.
9) Though Act II is a happy act, Shakespeare at times reminds us that this is a tragedy (a play that ends unhappily). Point out lines that foreshadow, or give clues to, possible trouble ahead.
10) The friar agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet because he wants them to be happy, but he also has another motive. What is the motive? What does it reveal about his character?
11) Dramatic Irony occurs when the audience knows something that a character does not know. Since the prologue told us how the play will end, we sense this irony when we hear the friar’s motive. What other moments of dramatic irony occur in this act?
1) What causes the fatal sword fight between Mercutio and Tybalt in Scene I? How is Mercutio killed?
2) Why does Romeo kill Tybalt?
3) Now the young lovers are in serious trouble. What does Juliet threaten in Scene 2, after hearing of Romeo’s banishment?
4) What is the friar’s plan to help them in Scene 3?
5) A new complication has arisen by the end of Scene 4. What plans have Juliet’s parents made for her?
6) Romeo’s killing of Tybalt is the turning point of the play – the point when something happens that turns the action toward either a happy ending (a…


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