Suppose the marginal product of labor is 8 and the marginal product of capital i…

Suppose the final result of drudge is 8 and the final result of excellent is 2. If the wage reprimand is $4 and the figure of excellent is $2, then in dispose to minimize absorbs the strong should use
(--; A. over excellent and close drudge. B. over drudge and close excellent. • C. three times over excellent than drudge cm D. none of the statements associated delay this investigation are set-right.
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Which of the aftercited stipulations is gentleman when a producer minimizes the absorb of supple a dedicated resemblingize of output?
• A. The MRTS is not resembling to the kinsman of input figures. • B. The final result per dollar gone-by on all inputs is resembling. • C. The final results of all inputs are resembling. • D. The MRTS is resembling to the kinsman of input figures and the final result per dollar gone-by on all inputs is resembling

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