Tattoos and piercings..In many countries, different cultures have adopted…

Tattoos and Piercings
In many countries, different cultures have adopted tattoos and piercings as a way of life. In early times, people employed bones, stones, and wood to make markings on the skin. Many of these tattoos were self inflicted, but some were rights of passage from teen to manhood. However, throughout time, the significance of tattooing and piercing has changed. Today’s society view tattoos and piercing different. People have become aware of the risks involved in these activities and know that tattoos and piercings are removable.

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Tattoos and piercings..In many countries, different cultures have adopted…
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Appendix G

Peer Review Checklist* Flores

What is the main point of this paper? The main point is to explain the history of history of historical and modern day tattoos. What is the greatest strength of this paper? The greatest strength of the paper was the introduction. The stories peaked my interest which made me want to continue to read. The author included a great deal of information that I believe many readers would not know which kept the paper interesting, informative and easy to read.

What material does not seem to fit the main point of the paper or does not seem to be appropriate for the audience? Although I really thought that it was an important factor of the paper to include the dangers of getting tattoos, I was a little confused about the story of Jessica…I think a little more elaboration of her experience would help the readers understand on a personal level what could happen to anyone.

Has the author sufficiently addressed counterarguments? Explain your answer. Yes, the author has addressed counterarguments by including the historical background of traditional tattoos as well as addressed statistcs of gang members obtaininig tattoos resembling specific matters of their lives. In a sense, gang members and other modern day people obtain tattoos as an expression of their personalities and their beliefs. I think that the author could have provided a few more counterarguments by addressing more information on the medical risks of tattoos and could include medical statics. Where should the author add more details or examples? Explain your answer. Throughout the paper the author has given good examples and details. I would not add anymore examples. I think it may be a good idea to show some type of chart which shows different age groups are more commonly known to have tattoos…you could even include a chart based on different cultures. It may also be interesting to see if there are any charts or statistcs our…

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