temperature and resistance on the Thermistors 1 answer below »

i found data of Thermistor Resistance vs Temperature fromhttp://www.arroyoinstruments.com/manuals/ArroyoThermistorInstructions.pdfand i need to do statistics study for it. attachment contents the all information.pleas use minitab software for all visual data displays.

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temperature and resistance on the Thermistors 1 answer below »
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Document Preview:

For the term project, you are expected to combine statistical theory and practice. Your project involves selection, execution and presentation of a problem using the statistical techniques covered during the course.
Your first task is to select your own topic. Your topic may be related to your discipline or your personal interests.
Your project work includes:
• Identification of topic, population, sampling frame
• Design of data collection
• Generation of descriptive statistics, goals for analysis
• Selection of statistical test(s)
• Application of statistical test(s)
• Justification of results
• Presentation of project work in written report

Data Collection:
• You are not permitted to use a data set that was generated by others for statistical studies. You may use one of the methods bellow to obtain your data:
You may design an experiment or a survey to collect data.
You may generate a random data set.
You may collect data off of the web, and put together to create a data set for your project.
• All sources of data and data collection methods must be clearly specified.
• You must make every effort to get a random sample.
• In case of surveys, make sure that you address common survey errors in your data collection design.

Project Topic:
Below is a list of ideas that would help you generate your project topic. Ideas on this list are provided for guidance in formulating your project topic, and that they are not for you to pick from:
1- Gender effect in pursuing graduate studies
2- Relationship between a scheduled time of a flight and a probability of that flight to be delayed
3- Impact of playing an instrument on a students’ academic performance
4- Preference between brand name drugs vs. generics
5- The accuracy of exits poll predictions
6- Analysis on horsepower and fuel economy
7- Analysis on life expectancy and access to safe drinking water
8- Analysis of most at risk population from a whooping cough
9- Patterns…


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