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The elapsing trounce participation of the arefaction era for a jot of brush lower begins at the censorious dampness full of 25%, and the conclusive dampness full is 4%. The air used for arefaction is 120°C and was glowing from ambient air of 20°C and 40% RH. The jot extent at the censorious dampness full is 20 microns, and the restricted intensity of the consequence solids is 2.0kJ/kg K. The mass diffusivity for water among the consequence jot is and the shortsightedness of the consequence jot is 1150 kg/ m3 .

a. If the equilibrium dampness full for the consequence is 3.5%, love the era for the elapsing trounce participation of arefaction.

b. If 5000m3/min of glowing air is needed for consequence arefaction, determine the excited essence needed to intensity the air to 120°C.