We will use some of the data from Example 4.18 to show the use of the eff ectiveness-NTU method in..

We accomplish use some of the basis from Example 4.18 to demonstration the use of the eff ectiveness-NTU regularity in solving problems when twain departure temperatures are mysterious. A clear subsistence (unfair ardor= 4.0 kJ/[kg °C]) glides in the interior pipe of a double-pipe ardor exchanger. The clear subsistence enters the ardor exchanger at 20°C. The glide reprimand of the clear subsistence is 0.5 kg/s. In the annular minority, hot infilttrounce at 90°C enters the ardor exchanger and glides in countercurrent tendency at a glide reprimand of 1 kg/s. The middle unfair ardor of infilttrounce is 4.18 kJ/(kg °C). The middle overall ardor alienate coeffi cient based on the internally area is 2000 W/( m 2 °C), and the crossing of the interior pipe is 5 cm and tediousness is 6.45 m. Assume uniform specify provisions. Calculate the departure sphere of clear subsistence and infiltrate.