Posted: November 25th, 2022

Conflict Resolution Style


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Conflict Resolution Style
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Conflict can be detrimental when it is intense and frequent. However, when conflict is resolved or managed well, it can promote growth in relationships. It can provide opportunities for re/negotiating boundaries, explore alternative thoughts, take new perspectives and as a result, bring people closer together.

This questionnaire strives to identify conflict resolution/management styles. Read the questionnaire, then respond to each item as best you can. If you are not be able to print it, record your answers on a sheet of paper while you go through the questionnaire. (which i already answered and paste the scores below.) Compute your score per directions, then determine what your predominant conflict resolution style is.  Then complete Discussion . 

 Score for “complacent” conflict strategy: 30


Response is requiredScore for “competing” conflict strategy:25


Response is requiredScore for “compliant” conflict strategy:25


Response is requiredScore for “compromising” conflict strategy:25


Response is requiredScore for “collaborating” conflict strategy:30 


Please complete the reading, Conflict Resolution Questionnaire  before preparing Discussion  which i already answered to those questions and above are my scores. please answer the questions A, B or C base on all i attached.

Discussions must be 625 words minimum in length (minus copied questions, direct quote, must have at least 2 quotes ), contain specific details and demonstrate an understanding of the readings and activities through application of theories, concepts and terms. 

1. I would like to emphasize that if the question requires that you discuss 2 concepts from a perspective, then 2 concepts from a single perspective must be discussed . Discussing a concept each from 2 or more different perspectives will result in a loss of points because discussions may not be as in-depth a they should be. 

2. All thoughts and ideas that are not your own, must be cited (in-text, as well as referenced). This is of utmost importance because failure to do so will constitute plagiarism, with consequences such as failing the assignment or the entire course. It is impossible to discuss theories and concepts without citing sources because they are not our own ideas. Text citations or references must be according to APA -style. 

3. When discussing concepts, they must be clearly identified, then defined (with in-text citation, and referenced at the end) , and explained in your own words, then applied to life examples if the questions asks for it.  Personal stories alone without including concepts/theories, will not earn high points for discussions.

4. Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors.

A. 1. What is your predominant conflict resolution strategy? 2. How effective has it been in resolving/managing conflict? 3. Do you think your conflict strategies are situational? (Do you employ different strategies in different situations, or are they stable across situations?) 4. What is one thing you would like to change or reinforce pertaining to your strategy? 5. Was there any instance in your life when conflict actually brought you closer to the other person? What do you think contributed to that outcome? Share only what you feel comfortable sharing.


Discuss at least 5 considerations that couples, or individuals make before deciding on parenthood. State if these considerations are important, and why.


Think about how your parents brought you up, and how you are parenting your children now, or, if you do not have children, what you observe in the parenting of children in your family by relatives. What differences do you see? Are these micro-, or macro-level variables that have led to those differences? 

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