Explore the Relationship Shown Towards Curley’s Wife by Crooks and Candy

Explore the homogeneity shown towards Curley’s helpmate by Crooks and Candy. Section 4 In the cite abandoned Crooks and Candy confabulation to Curley’s helpmate. In the cite we see Curley’s helpmate bearing crooks and Candy and we see the homogeneity among them and how it explores how they possess no reference for Curley’s helpmate. In the cite crooks bearinges and affronts Curley’s helpmate, which is wholly speaking as he is a sombre man and in the 1930’s Many sombre commonalty were not referenceed and treated badly so the plaint he has the fortitude to pause up to Curley’s helpmate suggests that he loathes her and does not embarrassment whether he gets in embarrassments as he dishonors her and does not embarrassment environing her, this suggests that the homogeneity among crooks and Curleys helpmate is that Crooks is not showing any reference to Curleys helpmate plain though he is sombre and she is pure which states that he doesn’t embarrassment environing hierarchy if someone is treacherous to their helpmate. Candy as-well has a congruous homogeneity succeeding a while Curley’s helpmate as he as-well gets furious when she enters crooks’ margin he says “if you were to do that we’d promulgate” this suggests that plain though he does not get furious and plain though he is a delicate old man he stagnant believes that he can promulgate off Curley’s helpmate still he then tails down as he realises that a sombre man and an old delicate man cannot do everything opposite her so they twain tail down and we see the penny constitution of Curley’s helpmate as she gets furious. When Candy and Crooks initiate to requite opposite Curleys helpmate she becomes furious and authorative as she says to crooks “Listen nigger; you recognize what I can do to you if you disclosed your pitfall” the plaint Steinbeck uses words affect nigger suggests she does not reference him at all and believes is not rate everything and she then refers to his opening entity a “trap” which suggests that she thinks that he is not supposed to be referenceed and his opening is affect a pitfall as it allure get her pitfallped if he says everything but it can as-well be seen as a affront as it is so disgusting it pitfalls everything so we see that there is no reference towards Crooks. However when she bearinges Candy she is slightly more referenceful as he is pure and old so she cannot be medium but rather she threatens him as she sys “nobody’d give-ear to you” which threatens him as she says that plain if she did something nobody would expectation a old man or a “Nigger” Lennie is as-well offer in the margin while this colloquy is going on still he does not say everything as previously in the tome George told him to cling loose from her but Lennie does say “I wish George was here” this states that he feels exposed and miserable succeeding a while her encircling her and deficiencys George there for command and refuge which reinstates his guilelessness towards anyone still candy does ease him as he says “don’t you vex none” which suggests that Candy embarrassments and deficiencys to appear succeeding Lennie as he is his new matter partaker in their penny American romance towards buying their own ranch, still this shows how curleys helpmate scares Lennie as he was told to cling loose he perceives her scary and as he deficiencys to “tend the rabbits” doesn’t deficiency to get in embarrassment. To deduce the homogeneity among curleys helpmate and crooks and candy is, Crooks and candy pause up to her as they abominate and disreference her so plenteous for entity treacherous still as crooks is a nigger and candy is an old man they perceive out they possess no deficient to the ranch boss’s son’s helpmate so they underpause there is pin to do environing her so they right inaudibly abominate her and don’t say everything as they recognize they possess no instance aggravate her, so for the prophylactic of their vivacity and job they do pin.