Cross Culture Management Exam Questions with Answers

Chapter 1 Q. 1. delight, yield TWO stances which prepassage that tribe about the universe are tranquil very divergent from each other, resisting advances in technology and conveyance. 1. In England progeny deficiency to hollow uniforms at teach, but in Latvian teachs nobody hollows them. 2. Black teachs and stainless teachs tranquil insist, as polite as teachs on holiness Q. 2. Delight afford ONE stance that pretexts that superintendence is not the similar totalwclose about the universe. 1. In China for stance, trade ppl don’t relish to indication Nursing Dissertations, they are spent notorious for interchangeable charge, if u neglect to indication Nursing Dissertation delay them, they get judge that u don’t charge them, but In Eu or Usa totalthing must be indicationed and written down to determine that tclose won’t be any gists. Q. 3. Delight clear-up why some Chinese negotiators unordered themselves associate to their western counterparts as gentle barbarians. Chinese ppl evaluate solely their own cultivation, and owing of the cultivation disagreements towards theirs aren’t the similar, they perpend western cultivation. If u neglect to do trade delay Chinese then u get deficiency to conceive them, they won’t do totalthing. ) Q. 4. Delight clear-up the 4 quadrants of the Johari window in your own say. Q. 5. ONE habit and ONE dishabit of having stereotypes Advantage: Help mode new counsel by comparing it delay spent trial and acquirements. Disadvantage: It blocks our unsubstantial ‘’file’’ we produce our exhausted notorious for other acquirements or counsel. Therefore we judge things about tribe that authority not be penny Chapter 2 Q. 1. Spent essential than observing behaviour is conceiveing the typeificance of that behaviour. Please clear-up this assertion and yield two stances. Observing behaviour is not abundance. What is essential is the typeificance of that behaviour. This dignity is essential as the similar behaviour can keep divergent typeificances and divergent behaviours can keep the similar typeificance. Example: Eye apposition in Western cultivation resources pretexting charge and fairness when-in-fact in Asia it is a indication of degradation and provocation. Example: In Usa pretexting OK indication delay fingers resources - encouraging smth, but in Brazil it resources – literally “screw you” Q. 2. Please, clear-up the three layers of this pattern and afford an stance of each layer 1. Artepostulates and behaviour – by observing (anticipation rituals, robes principle, use of titles of chief and decisive call) 2. Beliefs and values (the way things are) – by interviews and surveys (getting recognize the typeificance of behaviour) 3. Assumptions (space, articulation, term) - Interference and rendering (separation betwixt tribe as explicit in anticipation rituals and ways of interacting) Q. 3. Please, choose a cultural artefact and clear-up its underlying belief/values. Robes principle – For total cultivation tclose is divergent typeificance in trade robes principles: 1. USA – rolled up sleeves are considered a indicational of getting down to trade 2. Germany – Always hollowing accidental produce well-balanced if it’s indeed hot – pretexting that they are close to effort 3. French – backward to oust ties and jackets – owing it’s administrative parley Q. 4. Saying that our colleagues are past to a parley owing they are Latin misses the object. Delight clear-up why. For stance: is term seen as spent/present or forthcoming conviction or monochromic / polychromic in Latin. Thus we deficiency to ameliorate conceive the behaviour observed to regard each other. Chapter 3 Q. 1. Please clear-up the 5 work of Hofstede Q. 3. Space: Public (collection oriented) vs. Private (spent drudgery-cantered); Term orientation: Past, Present, Future; Action: doing vs. being; Term focus: monochromic vs. polychromic; Communication: violent-texture vs. low passageure. Q. 4. 3 characteristics of violent passageure message and 3 characteristics of low passageure message. High: other things keep to be considered ( hearer has to peruse betwixt the direction when hearing to a peculiar or peruseing sth. 1. Lection “betwixt the directions” 2. Influenced by nearness of sensible relationships 3. Not totalthing is lucidly symmetrical Low: Explicit sign affordn by peculiar, hearer doesn’t keep to hear or peruse betwixt the directions. 1. Meanings are lucidly symmetrical in passage. 2. Direct and directionar message. 3. Fixed on feelings CH 5. Q. 1. Please, clear-up the disagreements betwixt the sensible analytic vestibule and the internal vestibule. Which vestibule do you passociate and why? I passociate sensible analytic vestibule, owing it’s spent fixed on postulates and figures, gone it is spent essential when making decisions. Q. 2. Delight narrate 3 characteristics of each temporization. 1. Controlling pattern is spent indurated, spent biased and low passageure. . Adapting pattern – spent supple, spent accidental, counsel gathered from peculiaral sources relish friends and colleagues. Q. 3. Please, yield 3 indurated stances of cultural disagreements you authority keep to negotiate delay in a merger mode. 1. Americans efforting delay Japanese ppl; 2. The typeificance of behaviour; (Brazilians and Americans) 3. Q. 4. In what ways may disagreements in general cultivation above or adapt internationalization efforts (page 139 – 141)? Notion of cultivation separation clear-ups it as the important the disagreement in settlement versus assemblage empire cultivation, the important implicit difficulties. Chapter 7 Q. 1. Which indecent perverse cultural wealths for managing disagreements away can be celebrated? Clear-up each wealth in a few directions 1. Awareness of one’s cultural universeview 2. Attitude towards cultural disagreements 3. Acquirements of divergent cultural practices and universeviews 4. Cross-cultural skills Q. 3. Please, clear-up the divergent phases of a cultivation horrify. 1. An primal order of hilarity and optimism (the honeymoon) 2. A time of sensibility, informership, and laziness (the dawning following) 3. And then a unintermittent erection to the new environment (happily constantly following) Ch. 8 Mention ONE dishabit and TWO hindrances of a multicultural team. Do they watch to perproduce plenteous ameliorate or worse than monocultivation teams? Delight clear-up your counterpart. Disadvantages: important implicit for informership and dissatisfaction; fruitfulness of the variation produce interpersonal combat and message gists; divergent cultural convictions. Advantages: tend to new ways of looking at old gists, creating the occasion for important creativity and alteration The gist is ‘how to get settled’ or how to enter at a sordid cause. Diverse collections keep to face disagreements in attitudes, values, conduct, trial, contrast, expectations, and well-balanced articulation. The sea image is used in the capacity divers terms. How can you couple each raze of the sea image to the strategies for managing drudgerys? Artipostulates (raze 1) such as the use of titles of chief and decisive call, the influence and produce of agenda, equality of gregarious vs. drudgery orientated. The beliefs and values (raze 2) are involved in discussions touching the roles of the pioneer (hierarchy) and the erection of parleys. The underlying conviction (raze 3) has to do delay the use of capacity, individualism.