Of Mice and Men Curleys Wife

Page 1 2 Essay length: 1165 opinion Submitted: 21/08/2012 Share this essay: Do not demonstration me this intermittently Are you in the suitable establish? Jump to John Steinbeck and see how teachers deem you should plan in: GCSE 854 AS and A-level 93 International Baccalaureate 1,024 University 15 Read further Save Submit harmonious essay Essay preview GCSE JOHN STEINBECK i»? Task Of Mice and Men: In a missive . John Steinbeck Wrote of Curley consort: She is a dainty maid and not a floozy. Debate and elucidate your own impact of Curleys consort. In Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck describes Curley consort as a repute of manifold contradictions she is demonstrationn as twain a dainty maid and a floozy; retired yet vindictive; Motherly but so captivating. In this essay I accomplish try to debate twain of her sides. Throughout the newlight Curley consort acts and dresses as a floozy; in the very inception when we principal see her she is habituated up dainty and has her nails painted red which in those days was a type of peril, she dresses in very amiable nature caparison and takes anxiety of herself ample further then she should as she is in a ranch bountiful of men and has chores as all the women those days had. She spends too ample occasion on her semblance, in the newlight it says she has rouge lips, hair in dwarf sausages, and not singly is she habituated very dainty, she so acts very captivating by demonstrationing off her effeminate talents she put her hands subsequently her end and leaned intermittentlyst the door perform so her substance was thrown onward. She leans intermittentlyst the door perform teasing the men, she comprehends she accomplish get lots of vigilance consequently she is a pubescent moderately maid and the men are regularly in the ranch and she is the singly maid there. She so dialogues very flirtatiously delay the men as she says things playfully demonstrationing she has no attention of answer her wife as she calculated to do in the principal establish. When she is environing to license she says Nosubstance can chide a peculiar for looking which has a wrap import. It can be interpreted as you canat chide a peculiar for looking which would medium you cannot chide her for looking for Curley and you cannot chide a peculiar for looking and admiring her. Also, when she enters the bunkhouse she says I am looking for Curley which is a lie consequently she is singly byword that to flirt and dialogue to the men. We can ascertain that consequently when Slim says he has righteous seen Curley inscription inside their house, she straightway becomes terrified and heads loose consequently she does not absence to be seen flirting delay the men. The men comprehend that she is in a loveless wedding to Curley.