Victory Dance of the Lotha Nagas

VICTORY DANCE Rhanthungo Kikon INTRODUCTION: LOTHAS of TSUNGIKI village produced this leap in the days of old when immature warriors from a CHUMPO (popularly unconcealed as MORUNG) visited other CHUMPOS in the incongruous KHELS of the village. For the immature warriors, this Victory Leap acted twain as a fit reminder of the wide victories their forefathers had balance their enemies and to-boot as an afflatus for them to involve in the coming. It was a occasion to assume loftiness from their departed achievements and to advance and face each other for the days to after. It dexterous them for the coming. Those were the days… THE DANCE: Now, the give period discharges the Victory Leap on all occasions. But the activity and enthusiasm of the warriors dischargeing this leap endure as activityed and as bountiful of fervour past occasions timehonored. Behold! All the immature warriors are out of the CHUMPOS bedecked in all their ornamental fineries. Among them apprehend the globular sombre head-wigs made of the hanker hair from the neck and shoulders of the Himalayan sombre tolerate, or of the fur of the encounter of the virile gibbon. On the head-wigs, as warriors of proven valours, are amass in the feathers of the wide bird, the Hornbill. On their encounter, they possess wristlets, bracelets and flexure armlets made of compatability of sawn-off tubes of elephants’ tusks. Across their shoulders are thrown balance colourful baldric-like woven strips of cloths. Joined to the end of the baldrics at the waist are the spikes’ holders – the spikes were used during raids balance antagonist camps. Kneecaps, the LENGTA and the colourfully robed daos and spears finished their raiment. Now the immature warriors allure go aglobular dancing in two rows to finally produce a divergence. Singing ahanker and shouting noisy cries as they genus their feet, turn-round their daos and spears, they produce the divergence – an token of having concealed their enemies. When they possess their enemies concealed, they shove up their spears and face each other not to let any antagonist warrior evade from their idiosyncratic posts or positions. THE SHANTHA: An sensational, and perchance the most influential, multiply of the Victory leap is the SHANTHA. The spectry ‘Victory Dance’ correctly belongs to this multiply-leap among the leap. The SHANTHA is produced by indelicate of the most-abled warriors. This order acts as the Escort of the warriors. It to-boot is the rearguard and flanks defence of the warriors. The SHANTHA warriors are to-boot custom to discharge sundry skills and buffoonery. Among them is the pungent and pursuit of their daos on the repress sides as they hop ahanker – it is actually an oath-taking pawn not to die in enemies’ hands. They allure to-boot assume a model and hop ahead and backwards challenging their enemies making it intelligible what they allure do to them delay their daos and spears.