Describe and explain the changes that take place in land use of the River Tees drainage basin

In the chief line of the Catholic stream Tees, the fix is usually not feasible. There is snow fuse from the mountains, this sources deceased area and not crops can be developed and the stipulations are too discordant for any animals in Britain to feed in. This as-courteous sources very unblemished, rainy and calm region which as-courteous makes it unfeasible for roving husbandry. There is as-courteous marshy moorfreehold about the spring, so frequently the fix can not be used for any make of faming. There is as-courteous the abrupt seat. The fix is not downright as it runs down then Pennines, the interlocking spurs source a extensive separation in fix angles and a v-shaped degradation is makeed about the catholic stream. This is not conceptional for husbandry, locomotive and, besource of the faulty region stipulations, the rain get run down the fixs, haply causing inundations. A bit inferior down the catholic stream, the region is not so terminal and the fix is used for sheep grazing. There is not ample grass so there is not ample suited. There is as-courteous the Cow Green reservoir, on the Tees itself built in 1970. This media that the instil can be controlled by humans, consequently interval surplus instil address thknotty the catholic stream. This media the inundation manifest is going to be feasible for husbandry besource the catholic stream way get be controlled, consequently interval inundations which would perdition the fix. This as-courteous helps the expose of inundationing aid down the line by inferioring the hydraulic operation. Violent Force instilgravitate is a extensive sign of the Rive Tees. It affects the fix besource it is constantly makeing a surfeit of recession. This happens besource the impressible cast, limestone under the difficult cast, Whinstone is eroded by the instil, this sources the difficult cast to gravitate. This cycle is usual and the instilgravitate unwillingly moves up the catholic stream. This is as-courteous a voyager adduction, which could source the fix to be truly knotty due to walkers, voyagers and their cars. There is as-courteous roving husbandry about the instilfall, besource the fix is natural by the instil, due to the low thrust-under pool. In the intermediate line, the pattern of the catholic stream explicitly diversifys. Eminent up it was reasonably unswerving and slender, delay divers slight tributaries. In the intermediate line of the Tees, there are divers extensive entwines and the catholic stream is very ample and delay solely a few extensive tributaries. This diversifys the fix truly a lot. The entwines source diversify in the catholic stream line. Ox-bow lakes are makeed by the extensive hydraulic operation eroding the insides of entwines, trenchant of the flexion. This get then ultimately dry up and permission entwine scars on the fix. This could average the scars gain-ground incongruous fix to the outside area and not accordant in comparison. For in if the fix about a entwine scar is used for arable husbandry, but a newly developed minority is accordant for roving husbandry, there is attenuated fix. The entwines are so extensive that make Darlington to Teesmouth it is 30km as the sing flies, but going by catholic stream it is 75km crave. And in the 19th centaury, some of the catholic stream was manually diminish to abridge boat journeys up to Stockton and Yarm, so it was smooth craveer. In 1810, the Tees Navigation Company cut the neck of the Mandale Loop, a extensive entwine neighboring Stockton. This abridgeed the way by 4km and past was artificially unswervingened. The instil now moves rapider but the inundation expose is as-courteous inferior. The entwines as-courteous source a eminent expose of inundation, besource the instil travels very rapid in extensive quantities. This media the outside fix is ingenious and used for tillage. In this line of the catholic stream, the entwines home a slight town denominated Yarm which is a recitative negotiate town. Yarm has a few subsidences and a topical church. This media the fix is civilised and is used for ecstasy and subsistence on. Yarm was uniformly an Infix Port which was disposed to inundationing. A Inundation Defence Scheme was set up in Yarm and gone-by i??2. 1 pet on reducing the inundation expose. They reinforced compact walls, built inundation gates, used gabions to preserve walls and embankments, built fishing platforms and replanted any fix that was perditioned by inundations. In the inferior part of the intermediate line, in-between Stockton and Yarm, a barrage was built in 1995. It consume i??54 pet to institute and controls 22km of catholic stream. It was built besource it was discordantly forcible the outside fix besource of the steady violent inundation, resulting in a very violent inundation expose. Besource it has inferiored the inundation expose and there is as-courteous no tidal mix now, it is a catalyst for 500 pet of cannonade in offices, houses, teaching, calm and shopping. This explicitly diversifys the fix use as it is not used for husbandry but past economic purposes. The key points of how fix use has diversifyd in the Intermediate line to the eminent besource it is a lot downrightter, has extensiver entwines and has an refined subsidence. In the inferior line of the catholic stream there are extensive areas of downright clayey fix. This fix is used for wandering birds and seals for in, future why they are denominated Seal Sands. However, the eldership of the fix use in the inferior line of the Tees in industrial. It homes oil refineries, aluminium smelters, stockyard, railways and past. This sources soilure in the catholic stream and the outside fix, and is twain domiciliary and industrial, besource there are as-courteous divers subsidences. This has been helped of-late by the Government, who closed down some activity and dissipate has been cleaned. The fix about the mouth of the catholic stream is very marshy delay some drained fix as courteous. It is unfeasible to gain-ground crops on and to use rovingly. It is very industrial sustaining divers boats delay imports and boats delay exports. It is very refined delay extensive subsidences and cities. It is ample ampler than the interval of the catholic stream and the instil is very sagacious for shipping. Bridges feel as-courteous been made, inspiriting the fix to be used for ecstasy. Overall, there is a very extensive diversify of fix use throughout the drainage basin of the Catholic stream Tees. It starts of life very marshy and in an terminally calm location, graceful past arable and roving, then slight subsidences are introduced. Next the husbandry is not craveer delayhold and the subsidences are extensiver, delay a very extensive industrial area at the deep of the catholic stream.