Developing A Personal Ethical Framework And Critical Thinking In The ICT Profession

Key Points to Consider When Writing Reflectively


1. Create a Word document called ‘Critical Thinking’ and write approximately 400 words (no less than 350 and no more than 450 words) describing why you need to be a critical thinker. Explain why it is important for ICT professionals to be critical thinkers. Note that you should include your definition of the term critical thinking. You need to provide at least four (4) relevant unique points in your discussion. Upload the document to Moodle.

2. Conduct a Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) analysis of your presentation skills. An example can be found on page 13 of the prescribed textbook. The SWOT analysis should be presented in a square with four (4) quadrants. In addition to the SWOT analysis, you also need to identify two areas of improvement for your presentation skills and outline some strategies you could use to enhance those areas. Use no less than 350 words and no more than 450 words for the entire task.

3. Some people love Social Networking through technology (Facebook and Twitter) whilst others loathe it. Write reflectively about your experience with the use of a Social networking technology such as Facebook or Twitter. You will need to provide a brief description of the experience and then write three paragraphs (no less than 350 and no more than 450 words) of reflective writing where you analyse the experience, what you have learnt from the experience and how you would handle it differently in the future. Your reflective writing should cover the three key points on reflective writing (see below). If you do not use Social networking technologies, you should write a reflection on why you do NOT use Social networking technologies. Call your MS Word document ‘Reflective Writing’ and upload that file to Moodle.

The key points to consider when writing reflectively are:

i. You need to demonstrate what you have learned from a particular experience not just describe what happened.

ii. There is no right or wrong answer—reflective writing is about what you learned from the experience.

iii. Ask yourself the following questions and give your responses in your writing: Why did X happen? What did I do in X situation? What were the positive and negative outcomes in the situation? How might I do things differently next time? What have I learnt and how does this knowledge contribute to my development? 

4. How to develop a personal ethical framework and last week you learnt about work and cultural issues. Understanding who you are and how you relate to others in both your personal and work life can make you aware of the values that are important to you as well as the values that you may need to work on to improve. Create a document called ‘Personal Ethical Framework’ in MS Word and write approximately 500 word account (no less than 450 and no more than 550 words)on how to build a reputation as a good ICT professional and how to work with others from diverse backgrounds. This document should include statements about your work ethic, values that are important to you and how you relate to and communicate with others around you. In addition, your response should contain your views on working with diversity in the workplace and how to be sensitive to the people who have been brought up in cultures different to your own. Upload the Personal Ethical Framework document to Moodle.

Developing a Personal Ethical Framework

5. Create a document called ‘Successful Completion’ and write a reflective analysis that demonstrates you have satisfied all eight(8) course learning outcomes that are listed in the course profile for COIT20233 Professional Skills for ICT (they are listed below). In no more than two (2) A4 pages justify how the work you have completed this term has satisfied all eight (8) course learning outcomes. Please note it is important that you justify that you have satisfied the course objectives do not just summarise the course content and/or assessment items.

According to Elder and Paul, (2013) there is nothing more pragmatic than sound thinking. (Elder & Paul, 2013) Regardless of what your condition or objectives, regardless of where you are, or what issues you confront, you are in an ideal situation if your thinking is gifted. (Elder & Paul, 2013) As a director, pioneer, representative, national, darling, companion, guardian — in every domain and circumstance of your life — great thinking pays off. Poor thinking, thus, inescapably causes issues, squanders time and vitality, and induces disappointment and torment. (Elder & Paul, 2013)

Critical thinking is the trained specialty of guaranteeing that you utilize the best thinking you are fit for in any set of circumstances. (Elder & Paul, 2013) The general objective of thinking is to “make sense of the lay of the land” in any circumstance we are in. (Elder & Paul, 2013)we all have various decisions to make. We require the best data to settle on the best decisions. (Elder & Paul, 2013)

Lau & Chan, (2014-2015) add that “Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally” (Lau & Chan, 2014- 2015)

According to me, Critical Thinking can be described as one’s way to differentiate choices. In life, we are often presented with various choices, some we excel at, other we end up regretting. Critical thinking is thus, the way a person chooses the choices presented to him or her in life. As students growing up, there has always been peer pressure to indulge in cigarettes, alcohol and even drugs. The conscious choice of the student, to indulge in these activities, after carefully examining the pros and cons of these habits is the ability to think in a critical manner. There is no right or wrong in my humble opinion. Society and even Legislations (in case of underage drinking or the use of narcotics) have defined some rights and wrongs. However, in my opinion, critical thinking is not merely adhering to these guidelines laid by society; it is a conscious decision by the individual.

As ICT students, critical thinking is a great weapon in our hands. As a branch of science, ICT requires students to be able to make critically thought out decisions that end up having significant results. The aim of any scientific enquiry is based on certain axioms and principles, making a sound decision based on those proven principles make Critical thinking extremely important.

SWOT is an analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.((Team FME, 2013); (Director, 2008); (MindTools, 2011))

Working with Diversity in the Workplace

As the research suggests, it is primarily a tool employed by marketing companies or departments to ascertain an organizations relative strengths, weaknesses which are internal in nature and some external forces such as its Opportunities and Threats. (Sackett et al, 2005)

Sackett et al, (2005) reiterate that: The essential point of planning is to bring an association into parity with the outer environment and to keep up that adjustment over time. (Sackett et al, 2005).

However, as required in this case I will perform a SWOT Analysis on myself.


Excellent ability to think in a critical manner.

Makes informed choices.

Hard working and sincere.

Honest and good regard for moral fibre.

Determined to succeed.

Excellent at planning and implementing the said plan.


Sometimes impatient.

Expects others to perform and operate at the same level as mine.


To acquire excellent knowledge in my domain and apply the learning in my future career(s).

Explore new fields in study such as marketing or finance.

Scope for future research as well as innovation in my field of study.


Economic markets may take a downswing by the time I graduate and chances of landing a good job may diminish or become uncertain.

The field of science and technology is continually changing and innovating, expertise currently gained may become obsolete in the near future.

I think I need to concentrate on my core capabilities which are my strengths to overcome my weaknesses. For example, I need to incorporate my level of determination and planning to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of others, and analyze their potential and work with them accordingly, so that while I can make full use of their potentials, I can also operate within their constraints.  In the same manner, the opportunities that may be presented to me can help me overcome any threats I may face in the future. For example, even my current learning is rendered old or obsolete in the future, I will always have the opportunity to research and acquire the modern techniques quickly as I will be well trained in my field and have an excellent knowledge of the basics in the field.

I am currently active on both Facebook as well as Twitter, and also enjoy posting on Instagram, while using instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp or Facetime (Apple, n.d) to remain connected with my friends and family.

The advent of social networking tools has made our lives public. Gone are the days where curiosity into personal lives was the concern only for celebrities. The paparazzi may still exist, but it is no more in vogue. Social networks will reveal everything and more one need to know about any individual active on the particular network.

While I love to interact with people on the web, I mostly do it with my known circle of friends. By known, I mean people who I know in real life and not virtual reality. I have personally been a victim of harassment on social media. Facebook has a popular application called Zynga Poker. It’s an online gaming application that lets people from all over the world play the famous Texas No Holdem Poker. Along with the game, the application also has a side by side chat client that lets the players interact with each other during the game.

During one such gaming binge of mine, I was betting very high stakes and a couple of other players, frustrated with their inability to match my stakes had to keep folding (quitting). Soon, things took an ugly turn as I won a huge hand on the table, with one of the players losing all his collected coins (not real, Zynga coins are in Virtual reality only). The losing player started hurling the choicest of abuses at me. His friends joined the table as well, and joined in his effort to humiliate me. I am generally one that avoids slander at any cost. However, things got out of control from my end as well, and I retaliated in an ugly manner as well. However, thinking that its sometimes best to walk away from a fight, I quit the table and logged off from Facebook. I thought the matter ended there. It had not. This person and his friends started stalking me on my Facebook profile as well, again using uncouth and derogatory language on my social feeds or Wall as Facebook calls it.

Satisfying Course Objectives for Professional Skills in ICT

This matter ended only after I blocked them on Facebook. The incident taught me that nothing is private on social media. These unknown people could access my photographs  as well and left some unsavoury remarks on the same.

To be more careful in the future, I have decided to carefully screen what I put up on social media sites, as well as ensure that with the several options with Facebook, I keep my content as private as possible.

In the event that there was a situated of widespread moral standards that connected to all societies, methods of insight, religions and callings, it would give an important system to dialogue. (Colero, n.d.) There are numerous devices for choice making, however few (mainstream) advisers for demonstrate when circumstances may have a moral ramifications. (Colero, n.d.)Yet this mindfulness is a critical first venture before choices are made. Perceiving the ethical connection of a circumstance must go before any endeavor to resolution it. Something else, what’s to resolution? (Colero, n.d.)

Moral quandaries seldom introduce themselves in that capacity. (Colero, n.d.) They generally pass us by before we know it or create so bit by bit that we can just remember them in insight into the past – a bit like recognizing the snake after you’ve been nibbled. Anyway what are the signs that a snake may be display? (Colero, n.d.)

Personal ethics may likewise be called profound quality, since they reflect general desires of any individual in any general public, acting in any limit. (Colero, n.d.) These are the standards we attempt to ingrain in our youngsters, and expect of each other without expecting to expressive the desire or formalize it in any capacity. (Colero, n.d.)

A good ethical approach in any given situation would call for removal of personal prejudice and bias, especially in a workplace that has a multi cultural environment. Can we imagine the ethical and other consequences of a man of Caucasian origin working in a multi cultural environment, which includes Latin people, African American people as well as Asians, and the man of Caucasian origin being extremely racist in nature and corresponding with his workers in extreme racial and cultural overtones and innuendo? The result will be bad for both the organization he works for as well as him.

As an ICT professional, communications is very important. I must ensure to carefully understand any cultural difference I may have with my peers and adjust my behaviour accordingly. Moreover, a clear message needs to be sent out to my peers explaining the cultural differences we may have, so that they too may have an opportunity to adjust their behaviour accordingly. In this globalized world, it is common to interact with people from all spheres of the world, who come from diverse backgrounds. It is not a good idea (according to me) to be bogged down with bigotry or personal prejudice. I have a lot of friends in the class and outside who belong to different religions and communities from where I come from. I try and be respectful to all religions and communities to the best of my ability and try to form a mutually beneficial association with most of the people I meet with.

The Importance of Critical Thinking in ICT

1. Interpersonal aptitudes can be characterized extensively as those abilities which one needs keeping in mind the end goal to correspond adequately with someone else or a gathering of individuals(Shepherd et al, 2010) Although there is some variety in the writing over the definite aptitudes that qualify under this heading, we have a tendency to concur on various center ranges in which competency is key for viable interpersonal co-operations.(Shepherd et al, 2010). Listening and interacting in the classroom is half the battle won I believe. The best preparation according to me for any examination in academics happens in the classroom, where I pay careful attention to the words of my lecturer as well as peers and question what I do not understand or the logic behind their reasoning. This is definitely something I actively do and have accomplished in the class.

2. During the course of this class, I have had several opportunities to be part of a team and contribute toward the success of my team’s performance. It has taught me that a good team, though it consists of varied individuals can only achieve its best provided all the individuals progress toward the common goals of the team which is its success. Personal egos and agendas must take a backseat.

3. Again, during the course of this class, I have had the opportunity to write a few papers as well as present my ideas in front of my peers, and hence communicate with them. This helped me gain meaningful insights into their minds, whereas I could contribute my ideas openly as well.

4. As the course is about communications, delivering oral presentations etc where part of it. Delivering an oral presentation requires planning. This was not a matter of opinion class. That is, one could not just walk up and talk about feelings; we had to rely on hard facts and research. For this, careful planning and prior research was required which has helped me a lot as an individual.

5. Information is a wellspring of force and, progressively, the way to thriving among those with access to it. Subsequently, improvements in data frameworks likewise include social and political connections – and so make moral contemplations in how data is utilized all the more critical. Electronic frameworks now venture into all levels of government, into the work environment, and into private lives to such a degree, to the point that even individuals without access to these frameworks are influenced in critical routes by them. New moral and legitimate choices are important to adjust the needs and privileges of everybody.

6. Australia is a perfect melting pot of cultures. It assimilates different cultures and welcomes them. With the class also reflecting a diverse culture, I learnt to interact with people from different backgrounds and a chance to work with them.

7. Powerful record administration. Building connections and encouraging normal two-path correspondence to encourage shared understanding

Business arranging. Administrations ought to consider their ICT prerequisites as a feature of their business arranging. This thus will advise unit-level arrangements and the corporate need setting methodology

Client reviews to evaluate if ICT is being conveyed in the right route in the right places

Light-footed configuration and advancement procedures that permit ICT and the business to work hand in hand to change business forms through innovation

8. The rationale of business achievement has been one of chance and decision. There are several discourses about engineering and business enhancements and their impacts on IT. The internet is referred to as a compelling mechanical upset that influences all parts of business.businesses achieve their objectives by moving past robotizing their current techniques and reaching a more extensive client base, business accomplices and administrative bodies, for example, governments by captivating most proficiently with them through the Internet and mobile innovations. Mobile technology gives associations a stage that empowers them to get to their customers in distinctive ways. Mobile advances, including mobile applications, devices, networks and content administration frameworks have ended up impetuses for changes to customer relations, production of client gatherings, stock administration forms and additionally deep organizational structure changes inside the business. With mobile innovations, clients can be arrived at free of their specific locations. Mobile advances have additionally brought about a high level of personalization for the users.

I like this class very much mainly because:

Of the subject, it is one my key areas of interest.

The way this class was structured, as it involved discussions and interactions.

Two suggested improvements would be:

Introducing more practical knowledge and industry knowhow.

A chance for a field study to actually see how an ICT organization functions.


Apple (n.d) Facetime for IoS.

Colero, L. (n.d.) A Framework For Universal Principles of Ethics.

Director (2008) ‘SWOT analysis’, BHP Information Solutions Ltd.

Elder & Paul (2013) Becoming a Critic Of Your Thinking.

Lau & Chan (2014- 2015) What is critical thinking.

MindTools (2011) SWOT, 21 November.

Sackett et al (2005) ‘Incorporating healthcare informatics into the strategic planning process in nursing education.’, Nurs Leadersh Forum, Spring, pp. 98-104.

Shepherd et al (2010) ‘Listening and Interpersonal Skills Review’, University of Leeds, 13 January.

Team FME (2013) ‘Strategy Skills: SWOT Analysis’, Free Management e-books.

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