Posted: January 25th, 2023


This semester we will brainstorm through discussion forums and emails to decide upon 1 or 2 environment-related non-profit organizations or school clubs to work with. We can create a fund-raising campaign fully online; create a website or YouTube video to inform the public about an issue; organize an event locally such as a beach clean-up. Our project will depend on our schedules, how many of us are based in South Florida, etc. Everyone will be asked to contribute: if you cannot attend an event in person, you could help design flyers, launch a social media campaign, etc

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: Walk for the Animals (which is coming up in March in Miami), beach clean-up in Sunny Isles, creation of a comedy SNL-style video with sketches on how the environment is being harmed, music video with an original song about Earth Day, website created to teach kids tips on helping the environment including an art contest with prizes.

Post here your idea(s) for the longer project. Read the assignment prompt carefully and narrow your ideas down to 1, 2, or 3 possibilities. For each topic idea, explain what your personal interest is in the topic, what you already know about it, and what kinds of sources you envision consulting for the project.

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